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Motley Crue – Greatest Hits

Label: Universal Music
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Watching “Looks That Kill” video has brought back memories of seeing it for the first time in 1983’ and remembering how much of an impact it had on me. I had been listening to Heavy Metal for two years already and now seeing this Crue video instantly made me a fan of them. As far as image and sound this is my favorite era for the band.

The DVD contains all their videos as well as ones shot for the ill received John Corabi release, which by the way contains a rippin tune “Smoke the Sky”. Their image and evolution goes from the simple, young and raw look of “Too Fast For Love”, to the occult and darker “Shout at the Devil”, the lipstick and glam of “Theater of Pain”, the street and biker style of “Girls Girls Girls”, to the very trendy and modern sounding “Generation Swine”. Clearly the “Dr.Feelgood” era they were at the top of their game and a well oiled machine.

Classics “Girls Girls Girls”, “Dr.Feelgood”, “Home Sweat Home”, “Live Wire”, among many others have become metal anthems and a piece of history.

My favorite segment is a recent interview with Nikki and Tommy where they go through the years and talk about all their videos, pointing out memories and little know facts about their making. They make the point that the band never knew what the words “No you can’t do that” meant, and always found a way to break the rules throwing them out the nearest window.

Motley Crue was the band that always stood for the spirit, over the top lifestyle, and a sound that 80's metal was always known for. Everything and everyone was out of control 24/7. You can just tell by the way they speak and how often the use the words “dude, fuck and man”. It always makes me laugh when I think about it.
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