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Dream Theater - Train of Thought

Label: Electra Ent.
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

A darker and heavier Dream Theater, I like this. Don’t let this mislead all you die hard fans because the band still maintain their extremely progressive style. I have always felt that some of their compositions in the past have become too complex and can bore the listener. The difference is the sound and how it is arranged within the prog stylings. Also there are more grooves among the varying acrobatics in each song. Things are kept interesting with catchy time and tempo changes. Songs this time around are not as lengthy and drawn out, more to the point.

Lead off tune “As I am” is an example of how the band has evolved and developed a more “metal” edge. “This Dying Soul” has a very familiar Dream Theater type melody while including a little bit of a modern feel. “Endless Sacrifice” is my favorite track. It starts off with mellows verses follow by a Disturbed like guitar riffing for the chorus which sounds ok without being too different for them. When its time for the guitar and keyboard solo to kick in its all Dream Theater and I feel one of their best compositions with the keyboards including a couple bars that could be from a Warner Bros. cartoon. “Endless Sacrifice” is a song with a very entertaining and colorful display of musicianship with not a note sounding as if it does not fit.

I really like this new direction the band in moving in, it keeps them true to what they are while taking them from being a progressive band into a more “metal” environment.
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