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Frost – Raise Your Fist to Metal

Label: Sanctuary/Noise
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Jack Frost’s first time venturing into the solo realm finds him working somewhat in the vein of his band Seven Witches while exploring more commercial sounds. Tracks are metal but do not have the same arrangements as Witches.

That's the reason for composing a solo record, right?

For example, “Stay”, which is sung by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), is an upbeat rocker with Harry putting more bass and an edge to his voice. “The Chase”, sung by Joe Cameau, has a midpace flow to the punchy drums done by Billy Dee from Britney Fox, with Joe providing great vocals. The tune also sees Jack playing a solo that is less shredlike opting for more mood. The shredding can be heard on the guitar diddly “Nippin at Your Ear” which is just filler. If anyone was looking for the song that sounded most like a Seven Witches tune it is clearly “Brotherhood of Lies” which features vocals by former Witches singer Bobby Lucas. Guitar riffs and Bobbie’s screaming pipes make it sound as if he never left the band. “Whats Left” is very melodic with 80’s L.A. style and vocal harmonies. At first listen I thought it was new TNT or something of that sort. Jack takes the mic on the very radio friendly ballad “The Man I Am” showing his softer side.

As usual with a Jack Frost product there are two cover songs with the Ratt classic “Lack of Communication” having backing vocals by the “brothers of metal choir”, where if you listen carefully the chorus has an added twist.

This effort really doesn't accomplish what a solo album is supposed to do, show another side to an artist. The good part about this work is it is not that far in left field to throw off the loyal Witches fan but in the same offering really nothing new for others.
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