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Running Wild - 20 Years in History

Label: Noise/Sanctuary Records
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This 20 year retrospective spans Running Wild’s entire career with each album represented by two tracks. You also get two unreleased songs “Prowling Werewolf” and “Apocalyptic Horsemen” which are from their early years and newly recorded for this release with great guitar sound. The classic “Branded and Exiled” gets a rerecording treatment and has their staple guitar crunch recent albums have, as does “Mordor” which I always thought was just filler and find it a poor representation as another track off the album “Branded and Exiled”.

The first disc covers ground from the 1984-1991 and includes the track that was the start to their trademark image and lyrical topics, “Under Jolly Roger” with other notables from the era; “Prisoners of Our Time”, “Riding the Storm”, and “Little Big Horn”.

Disc two, 1991-2002, is where they established sound and style with galloping rhythms, catchy riffs and pirate spirited chorus’. “Lions of the Sea” (from Masquerade), “Treasure Island” (from Pile of Skulls), The Brotherhood”, and “Black Hand Inn” are just classic Running Wild and perfect representations of the nitch they have carved for themselves is metal’s history, From “Masquerade”, “Black Soul” is another cut from the album, a decent one, but I feel that “Rebel at Heart” would have been a better choice as track two.

Booklet also has plenty of pictures taken from all points of their career along with track by track details.

Running Wild have sailed the seas and created a brand of pirate metal all their own and what better way to celebrate their success than with this comprehensive two disc set.
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