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KISS - Symphony

Label: Sanctuary Visual Entertainment
Format: DVD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Kiss Symphony is exactly what the title states. Aside from the various backstage, interview, TV spots and such, it is a Kiss performing the full stage show backed by the Melbourne Symphony for a portion of the show. The bands performance is very tight and for most of the tracks works well incorporating the orchestra. I don't like the fact that Tommy Thayer is in Ace's makeup and costume.

Amongst the overload of merchandising, now Kiss is no longer the four members who wear their respectable character makeup, instead, the characters are the namesake and the members who wore it, expendable. Tommy plays all of Ace's, and the other guitarists who played for Kiss, licks to a T and even better.

"King of the Night Time World", "God of Thunder", and "Black Diamond" are enhanced with the horns and strings backing them. Obscure track "Great Expectations" includes vocals by a children's choir bringing life to the feel of the original recording. "Forever" and more so "Shandi" I enjoyed having the soft strings to go with the acoustic guitars and Paul's vocals also came forth in these tunes. "Goin Blind" originally sounded as if it could include an orchestral section and now it sounds just right. "Sure Know Something" is another fav of mine and I was glad to see it included.

One Act is without the orchestra and features a couple of my favorites "Let Me Go Rock n Roll" and "Lick it Up". This part of Kisstory is an expected part to their legacy and evolution, especially having a release like "The Elder" to their credit. Not too many bands have written music that can incorporate orchestral sounds to their music so here it was inevitable and worked. What's next for Kiss, well, from the way things have been going more silly merchandise instead of great new music.
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