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Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Nevermore are one of the most prolific and talented forces to emerge on the scene from the nineties. Their brand of thrashy doom metal mixes progressive arrangements to it, creating their own distinctive sound. With each release they get better, with, in my opinion, "Dead Heart in a Dead World" and “The Politics of Ecstasy” masterpieces.

"Enemies of Reality" finds them creating another piece to their poetic puzzle. They do have a recognizable sound and never creating the same thing twice with a sound unchanging. Lyrics are thought provoking and musicianship challenging.

Once again surrounding the heaviness are two ballads "Tomorrow Turned to Yesterday" and "Who Decides" which blend into the mood of the soundscape. Jeff Loomis making for interesting listening with guitar leads that question what planet he is from. Seeing him live proves there are no smoke and mirrors to his talent.

I unfortunately must say that the production is poor. Unlike "Dead Heart", sound, instrumentation clarity and separation are muddy and muffled. Warrel's vocals sound fuzzy, Jim's bass is too high, and Van is lost. Jeff Loomis' leads are still heard, but his riffs do not shine like on "Dead Heart". Same thing goes for Van, an amazing player and I can’t hear all his work, especially the clings and pings he does on the cymbals. "Enemies of Reality" is strong musically, but the poor production does make for a less enjoyable listen. A band of this caliber should not settle for less.

Note – The disc has been remixed and remastered by Andy Sneap in 2005 and sounds like a whole new recording. Everything is rather crisp and clear the way it should be with the muffled sound removed. Even the vocals are sounding better.
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