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Rage - Soundchaser

Label: SPV
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
It has been twenty years that the Rage metal machine has been rolling, always trying new things out and growing. The band has been lead by long time singer/bass player Peavy Wagner, seeing various member changes through the years. The current line up includes guitar virtuoso Victor Smolski and well known drummer Mike Terrana, this being the third record with this line up.
Rage since their beginnings, combine elements of speed and traditional metal sounds with classical orchestrations documented on albums Ligua Mortis(1996) and XIII(1998). Also, Peavy’s very recognizable vocal tone has been with them for many years.

With “Soundchaser”, they incorporate all their trademarks to make for a strong record. “Soundchaser” is their second concept record based on their long standing mascot which has been featured on many of their album covers. The story centers on a “Soundchaser”, which are biomechanoids that were created by aliens to act as a defense weapon that reacts to acoustic signals.

“Orgy of Destruction” with its lightning, thunder, rumbling drums and intense classical guitar runs flows right into the headbanging riffs of “War of Worlds”, complete with trademark harmonies. “Secrets in a Weird World” is a title from 1989 and getting a rockin' treatment complete piano interlude and haunting chorus. Love the riffs in “Human Metal”. Within the guitar delivery Victor adds variety to his style and some wild leads that if you don’t pay attention, will pass you by like the roadrunner. Various sounds are incorporated in the arrangements, clearly showing the thought that goes into the tracks. “Wake the Nightmares” features guest vocals by Andi Deris from Helloween.

From this long time listener, I must say that I really never have been disappointed with Rage and this release has quickly become a favorite. One of the pioneers of the German metal scene and if you don’t know of them I suggest you check them out.
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