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Evergrey - Recreation Day

Label: InsideOut
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

For those unfamiliar with Sweden’s Evergrey, they create dark, moody progressive metal but not like a Dream Theater. Vocals are smooth and clear and given Tom’s tone (he also plays lead and rhythm guitars) one would think they would come across depressing, but they do not. Lyrics are deep and accompany the music perfectly. Even though the music is progressive it is not too much allowing the arrangements and words to flow together, not becoming boring or repetitive. First and foremost these are songs.
The ballad "I'm Sorry" has a great chorus as does "As I lie Bleeding" which has a complimentary verse to chorus accented by great reflective guitar leads. The title track shows the bands Dream Theater influence as it does also show up on a couple other tracks. "End of Your Days" has a great powerful chorus with “Blinded” being guitar driven and straight ahead. Keyboards accompany the music as opposed to the traditional acrobatics that are associated with prog stylings.

Evergrey are clearly talented and soulful writers with plenty of power and creativity to offer and a band I would like to see stick around. They bring something to the table in the world of music. They are also a band who played the States largest progressive metal festival ProgPower in Atlanta.
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