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Anthrax - We've Come For You All

Label: Sanctuary Records
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Before I begin I would like to put down some thoughts on the John Bush era of the band. I always found John had a great voice and fit in well with their sound and style, although, the music and arrangements around the voice have been hit or miss. This being Anthrax of new is not the same as of old and modern hard rock/metal sounds are incorporated in their music. Frankly this does not work for this long time listener.
With that said, lead off track “What Doesn’t Die” gets things going with some speed metal roots and a little of their trademark sound of old. “Superhero” has this awful Korn sounding guitar at times and is poor, NOT! The track does have some decent riffs, but on the whole does not make the mark. “Refuse to be Denied” uses acoustic guitars and adds some dynamics to the track. Once again riffs and tempo changes sound good. “Safe Home” is very sing-able, but too “NU” rock sounding, though nice to hear a guitar solo back in their music.

Some frantic high energy drumming by Charlie on “Nobody Knows Anything”, sounds like a workout. “Strap It On” has a good chorus and arrangement with unmistakable shredding by Dimebag from Pantera. On ‘Black Dahlia”, it suffers from the same syndrome Slayer has had with their recent albums, being some vocals are yelled, sounding rather noisy. Hey, there is belting out a great recognizable (by the right person) metal scream, and then there is just yelling which anyone can do.

Of all the tracks, “Taking the Music Back” has a catchy strong riff and is the style that sounds great for them.

In closing, “We’ve Come for You All” is a more complete disc than previous efforts but still suffers from the “Nu” metal sound. They have also returned to guitar solos which is an ingredient of theirs that was missed.
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