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Overkill - Wrecking Everything "Live"

Label: Spitfire Records
Format: DVD / CD
Released: 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The "Wrecking Everything" DVD accompanies the cd release of the same name. Here, though, you get the full show as well as a bonus DVD including the documentary "Return of the Batmen". This covers the band's entire career and is packed with live footage, interviews, and updates on past band mates.

After listening to the live CD, watching the DVD brings the tunes to life. Overkill's performance, presence and body movements are essential to the delivery of the music. You can feel the various emotions presented through Bobby "Blitz's" maniacal singing style. At times, you just wanna rip your face off watching them live!

Each band member occupies space well, letting their presence cement them as metallic entities. I was at this show, as well as over two dozen more throughout the years, each time being total thrash metal madness. I feel all must see Overkill live at some point. They stay true to what and who they are, which is more than enough reason to attend a show.

Recorded live in their home state of New Jersey comes Overkill's second live album. This is how it is done people--include tracks that do not appear on the previous live effort(s). The production is thick, heavy and balanced allowing all members to be heard. Bobby "Blitz" is one of the most recognizable voices in music, always adding personality and attitude to what he sings, with a stage presence that is equally important to the projection of their songs. Verni's distinctive bass sound, still present, anchored by crunchy guitars of Derek Tailer and thundering drums of Tim Mallare, with maximum shredding delivered by ax-slinger Dave Linsk rounds out their battle ground. More classic songs like "Evil Never Dies", "Overkill", "Deny the Cross" and "Shred" are present as well as newer gems "Necroshine", "Battle" and "Long Time Dyin". "In Union We Stand" is a well received fan favorite with crowd participation on hand to bring out its chorus. Also nice to hear the return of the title track to "The Years of Decay". This is why it is always exciting to see Overkill live. They remove and add songs to their set list preventing predictability and boredom, always staying true to their sound and style. Other bands can learn from this outfit by the example they set from their 'years of decay'.
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