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Scorpions - Taken By Force

Label: Hip-O Records
Format: CD
Released: 2002 Re-Issue
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
"Taken By Force" is one of three re-released remastered '70's Scorpions albums, along with their first and very different almost psychedelic at times Hendrix inspired "Lonesome Crow"(which Michael Schenker played guitar on), and the live "Tokyo Tapes".
After working on their sound and style with “Fly to the Rainbow” in 1974, “In Trance” in ‘75’ and “Virgin Killer” in ‘76’, by ‘78’ the band has developed a more metallic even dark sound which will lead the band into the trademark style of the '80's recordings.

Uli Roth's and Rudolf Schenker's chemistry is well defined now and progresses more toward the familiar compositions that are uniquely Scorpions. The dual guitar leads now have become more fine tuned and recognizeable, and forecasts the formula that dominated smash LP's such as "Lovedrive", "Animal Magnetism", and "Blackout".

“Taken by Force” includes the classic tracks "The Sails Of Charon" and "He's A Woman She's A Man".
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