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Opeth - Deliverance

Label: Koch Records
Format: CD
Released: 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
The Pink Floyd of extreme metal? Really its an interesting question to pose given the level of playing ability and song composition created by this five piece.
“Deliverance” is their sixth release following the highly regarded “Black Water Park” from 2001. Arranging a layered album of progressive melodic death metal, Opeth stretch the boundaries of this genre. Song lengths are an average of ten minutes with one being two. The music has several time changes per track and vocals alternate between harsh deathy grumbles and clean somber styles evoking different patterns of emotion and anger to the listener.

At times, certain verses and bridges become too repetitive and get monotonous for my tastes but I do like a lot of the riffs and arrangements. Consistent enjoyable sounds are scattered throughout each song and will keep you interested in their more artistic approach to music. Minimal in style black and white photography/paintings accompany the booklet and go well with the lyrics and the bands overall presentation.

Sweden’s Opeth are a dynamic group of players showing painterly writing and arrangement skills and not your conventional extreme metal band.
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