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GWAR - Live From Antarctica

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: DVD
Released: 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
GWAR are a bizarre comic book come to life, playing to what looks like a high school auditorium in Antarctica. Each band member has its own costume with stage name. Costumes are large, bulky and exaggerated, from a giant penis on the singer, to the head of a Triceratops on the guitar player.
Visually they are a gas!! Latex masks and prosthetics are attached to each member's face. Stage antics vary from the lead singer being shot, to a decapitation complete with drinking of the blood and anal violations. A giant skull with glowing eyes stands atop the drum kit as well as various stage props used throughout the show.

Blood, gore, bodily fluids and sex are the makeup of this band of monsters. This is like watching a cheesy B movie called "In The Land Of GWAR". Various characters are introduced and participate throughout the show, all being exploited and mutilated. Very humorous and fun to watch! Great entertainment with a bloody smile to go with it.

Musically, I'm not interested, its OK- but the stage show and special effects are what makes GWAR. Wear a raincoat if you see these guys live! You have to see it to understand what I mean. A great DVD to compliment your Halloween festivities!
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