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Shadows Fall - The Art of Balance

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Combining elements of thrash, hardcore, death and newer millennium metal sounds to create this fourth release "The Art of Balanceā€, Shadows Fall use the above mentioned sounds and styles to write aggressive and dynamic songs for the extreme metal listener of today. Guitar solos are influenced by thrash legends like Testament and Exodus while the vocals have the modern yelling approach delivered to them, as well as melodic aspects to the tracks. All elements flow nicely from cut to cut.
"Idle Hands" kicks off the album as does the next tune "Thoughts Without Words". Acoustic guitars can be found on "Casting Shade" to create a nice dynamic contrast amongst the aggression. The guitar to "Stepping Outside the Circle" sounds just like a Dave Mustaine riff, but then changes and becomes something else. In its entirety, the CD is a solid piece of technical metal for the new generation and these guys appear to the be one of the leaders.

*Package contains a CD ROM which includes a band bio, photo gallery, video, interview and live performances.
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