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Symphony X - Odyssey

Label: Inside Out
Format: CD
Released: 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
First off I am glad to see New Jersey has officially been put on the progressive map by this talented five piece. If you liked “V”, “The Divine Wings of Tragedy”, and “Twilight in Mount Olympus” then this will surely please the ears as it is the next step in the band’s growth.
Keeping with the edgier guitar sound heard on the above mentioned records, songs like “Inferno”, “Wicked” and “King of Terrors” posses' an ominous and aggressive Neoclassical inspired guitar attack and keyboards take a backseat a bit allowing Mike Romeo to shine with Yngwie like jaw dropping leads and solos. If you like Dream Theater you need to listen to these guys because they may be as good but not the same. Romeo’s playing has a graceful technique and is a major piece that defines their sound. Russell Allen with his angry Ronnie Dio style vocals adds bite and soul to each track. I love this even more aggressive side of the music and hope it continues.

Arrangements are progressive and complex keeping the listener interested while including memorable chorus’. Groove always finds a place and musicianship are the primary framework to Symphony X.

"The Odyssey" is a 24 minute epic that at times sounds like the score to a Disney film. I really like where the band has taken the direction of this album as a symphonic metal meltdown has occurred and dispersed into the ocean of the cover artwork.
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