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Dirk Sauer - guitarist for Edguy

Date: 7/17
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


Interview with Dirk Sauer, guitarist for Edguy

1. Tell us about the song selection for the “Monuments” 25 year anniversary CD/DVD set?

DIRK: Well, it was hard because its like putting a setlist together for a show, everyone wants to hear something different. But it turned out to be an over view of what we have done in 25 years. We also included some tracks the were B-sides or E.p. tracks – like ‘Judas At The Opera’ absolutely deserved to be included, and ‘Spooks in the Attic’. I think it’s a very diverse choice of songs. We tried to include the singles too, either as an audio song or video, like ‘All Of The Clowns’ promo video. Its 28 songs, plus the live DVD show from Brazil, and eight video clips.

2. Are these songs remastered, or just transferred from the studio albums?

DIRK: They are remastered so we could balance out the levels sound wise, because of course all the albums are not recorded all the same. Like the song ‘Ministry of Saints’ and the album “Tinnitus Sanctus” were recorded loud. But the next album was a little more dynamic as far as quiet moments. But it’s a very consistent listening experience from old to new stuff. I’m glad we didn’t rerecord any of the old stuff, just balanced out levels.

3. The DVD will be also in NTSC for us in America, etc?

DIRK: I have no idea, haha, I think so. Good question. We did struggle transferring the video and audio over and things synching up because it was recorded in 2004 and we had some problems with the cameras.

4. Tell us about the new song ‘Ravenblack’, and the other four recent recordings.

DIRK: All five songs are new, one rare track ‘Reborn in the Waste’ was unfinished from “Savage Poetry”. So looking back on our past we said lets record a few new songs as well to make the package even more special. And the five songs were written by four of the five of us (except Felix) because now with modern technology, like myself I have my own little home studio, we were all able to contribute. I like these new songs, I think ‘Landmarks’ sounds like old Edguyish, and the others a little bit of our old and newer approach to writing.

5. Are you still using the same guitars, emps, and effects from the last 2-3 albums, or have you changed them? Because on “Tinnitus Sanctus”, “Age Of The Joker”, and “Space Police” - to me - I hear a lot of effects on the guitars. Where “Mandrake”, “Hellfire Club”, and “Rocket Ride” had a purer crunchier sound. Am I hearing that right?

DIRK: Uh, maybe, it depends. I’d say in the earlier years yes, but since Sascha Paeth (producer, engineer, mixing, mastering), he’s a great guitar player and into some spacey freaky additional sounds just to enhance what you are hearing, or maybe you don’t, but if you don’t listen you may miss it. I don’t think the sound changed dramatically, but I think I’m use to newer technical stuff that’s easy to use at home, in the studio, or on stage. I really like this Profiling amplifier, and I’m always a Marshall guy. On “Hellfire Club” that sound was definitely very pure, but since then, yeah, we have been recording with different amps, etc. it depends on the song and what it needed, but I think it’s a little more playing around with sound. But on these five new songs I think we cut back on effects.

6. I see you are doing some of the European festivals this summer. How many of these songs from the “best of” will you try to play?

DIRK: Well for the festivals we will only do a handful because of time. But when we start doing our own headline tour with more time we can include more from “Monuments”.

7. Been several years since you played in America. Will you be back this year or next?

DIRK: Yes I know, its been a while. We want to, put you know how it is – comes down to whether it will be affordable or not depending on the size of the venue, travel (sine the country is so big), etc. We don’t need to make a ton of money, but don’t want to lose money either. Even if we just did five or six big cities, we’ll see. If it happens its more likely next year.

8. Are there any songs you would have like to see make this “Monuments” compilation?

DIRK: No, I’d say it’s a great representation of our career. And it was good to work with the record company as well on the selections.

9. How long will this 25 year celebration last?

DIRK: Not sure, it hasn’t been discussed. We have to see how well “Monuments” is received, and how much the demand is for the fans to see us.

10. What are one or two of Edguy’s biggest achievements so far?

DIRK: I’d say aside from 25 years of music, maintaining the same lineup as well, hahaha. I’d also say when we played Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, I think was 2009, we flew in on a helicopter, hahaha, like rock stars. We have been at the festival before, but this was real fun and nice to fly over the festival grounds. I also have memories especially while going through all these old photos, that are included in the “Monuments” package. For example, in LA we had a blast in the hotel, had a party, jumped in the pool, the police came, haha – we didn’t destroy anything, haha.

11. Any plans to reissue any of the older albums?

DIRK: I don’t think so, but the record companies sometimes do it, because they the rights to. I think everything is still available.

12. Do you have recommendations from the European Power Metal sound and style, like newer bands?

DIRK: Really I don’t listen to too many, like in the last several years a few bands have come up like Sabaton and Powerwolf…but for my taste, its not my taste anymore because we started doing this so early in the 90s. We were influenced by Helloween and Iron Maiden. But today I listen to other stuff and not power metal. Like I like the new Dead Daisies album.

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