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Geoff Thorpe – Guitar for Vicious Rumors

Date: 7/25/16
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Concussion Protocol” is Vicious Rumors 12th album. as a long time listener, this album completes a nice trilogy with “Razorback Killers” and “Electric Punishment”. Would you agree, or do you feel something different was accomplished with this album?

GEOFF: It's true that in our three album deal with Spv / Steamhammer this is the 3rd studio album so in that case yes it completed a trilogy. But, all three albums are different from each other as really all our albums. I don't think any two albums sound alike... of course we have many aspects to our sound , that gives us the room to make fresh albums each time. "Concussion Protocol " was the most intense recording project of my career. I feel it's our most powerful album of all! It still sounds like VR but with the fire and passion of a band on their first album. No one can accuse VR of slowing down over the years. The riffs and overall music we're coming out so driving and full of passion. I needed a cover, story and lyrics to match it! That's what led to this album being different for all others as it tells a story, a nightmare of the end of the planet and how humanity unravels at the news! It's the first album from VR with such a horrific tale! It's got to be played nice and loud!

2. Do you write all the music and lyrics?

GEOFF: I do most of the writing in VR even from the early days. Music, lyrics, melodies, production. I also always surround myself with talented creative musicians and producers. It's a team effort every time! I lead the direction! We have two European band members now Nick Holleman on vocals from Holland, and Tilen Hudrap on bass from Slovenia. With Larry Howe, Thaen Rasmussen, and I from the SF Bay area in California. We wanted to write and record together so we rented a house in Holland in May of 2015 to have writing sessions, and Nick and Tilen came to California to record. The lineup has been together for three years now.. we've made some great music together. Started a few family's and ripped a few apart. Every one contributed on this album. We're gonna destroy the whole planet with it!!!

3. Obviously the albums and many songs with Carl Albert are classics. Do you feel the singers who followed meet your needs to make for more great Vicious Rumors albums, or songs?

GEOFF: Thank you! I guess when your part of VH1 classics you truly are!! Lol. Its been a long incredible journey in VR, 37 years still going strong. Almost no band that's been around as long or half as long as VR has original members. ZZ Top is the only one I can think of, Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, Testament, Death Angel, on and on... all have many changes in line up... we're no different. I feel I have a good eye for talent and anyone who was in VR added something at that time. Right now our line up has been very solid, It feels the best it's been in years. This " Concussion Protocol " album says it all.

4. With the current state of the music industry, especially for heavy metal music, is it hard to make a living being a musician and keeping Vicious Rumors alive?

GEOFF: Its hard to keep any business or relationship together 37 years! Life is always changing for people, the industry has changed so much. VR runs on fire and passion ! As long as those qualities are present nothing can stop us!! No apologies, No excuses, just our music and our connection with the fans who without we are nothing.

5. You don’t play shows often in America. Any plans for that to change with the new album?

GEOFF: Yes, we have a great upcoming Special Guest spot on a US Tour for 2017... wish I could make the announcement but still in negotiations! Please check Vicious Rumors . com and our FB page for all the tour info. We just confirmed Special guest for Dirkschneider European tour featuring the classic Accept songs. All over Europe. Oct 31 to Dec 17 with a 3 week headline tour in the middle. Bang Your Head festival in Germany with Vince Neil doing a special Motley Crue set and many more for summer 2017. Lots of touring on the way… USA, Europe, S. America and Asia.

6. Is there a Vicious Rumors album you are not happy with, and would like to change something about it?

GEOFF: Yes, but life is too short to live with regrets, I look to the future... I have no apologies or excuses and don't owe anybody anything . except my eternal gratitude to our fans!! If anyone wants to hold us back or put us in a box from 25 years ago you can kiss my ass!

7. What have been the top 3 opportunities Vicious Rumors has had over its history?

GEOFF: Top 3 in my opinion it would be… 1. We got started and are part of the birth of power, thrash, speed metal in the early 80s in the SF Bay area ! The whole world now looks to this era as something special and it certainly is. Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Vicious Rumors, Death Angel, Exodus all bands that still perform at a very high level. VR being the most versatile and outside of just a thrash band.... I like that too! Lol.

2. We signed to Shrapnel/ Roadrunner/ Atlantic and now SPV/ Steamhammer records and always maintained a recording contract. This kept the band on the road and paved the way for 37 years with no end in sight.

3. We stayed true during grunge years, we live for Metal and our fans appreciate it! MTV videos, constantly touring, pushing the ball forward with power and strength has been the key to growing our incredible fan base around the world!

8. Vicious Rumors play an aggressive form of speed metal, a mix of traditional and thrash metal. What newer bands do you like who play in a similar style?

GEOFF: Not so many .. I'm real old school.

9. What is the state and availability of the Vicious Rumors back catalogue?

GEOFF: The back catalog is hard to find... come to the shows and we'll sell what we have left at a good price.

10. Favorite story from the road?

GEOFF: There was the time we played a house party after a show we did with Savatage and all the back line was there except drum sticks. So the home owner broke a wooden chair and Will Carol used Chair legs for drum sticks ! With some crazy fans in a living room ! Also, the black dress , banana on the bus incident in NY. Carl was a very good entertainer to say the least ...very funny. We've had a great time with our friends ,fans, and other bands every time we hit the road.

Thank you… See you on the " Concussion Protocol World Tour " for a unforgettable night of Heavy Metal. Rock on Geoff Thorpe.

Official website: http://www.viciousrumors.com


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