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Charlie Calv – Keyboards for Radio Exile

Date: 3/16
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Is the name of the band a result of the lack of radio support for hard rock music?

CHARLIE: Pretty much, the name of the band prior was something to that effect. The guy who helped us, Steve Lunt, who produced a couple tracks and A&R’d the album, threw out that idea for the name, because of the music’s classic rock field.

2. I am familiar with your work with the Bronx Casket Co. , to where you were playing goth metal. What is connection and involvement with Radio Exile?

CHARLIE: The BCC I was asked to do by DD Verni from Overkill, that is his project, and it was an interesting challenging thing, very different for me because I’m more of a classic rock guy. Radio Exile was pretty much my idea, I had run into Dave the drummer, we actually went to high school together, we both had careers in music and always wanted to do something. That’s how it got started. Actually all the guys in Radio Exile is from jersey which works out great because we can get in the studio together the old fashioned way to make music, instead of doing our parts separately and send the files through email and internet.

3. What was the musical direction and the goal for Radio Exile?

CHARLIE: When we started writing the music we really didn’t have a direction. I’m good at coming up with some music, but not lyrics and melodies. And Dave recommended Chandler Mogel and we hit it off great, and the two of us pretty much wrote the whole record together. We are both fans of Zepplin, Purple, bands like that.

4. The band’s bio sais its members have worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Hall and Oates, Billy Idol, John Waite, members of Pink Floyd, Styx, Journey, Van Halen, the Rolling Stones, and Black Sabbath. With that kind of resume, what are the prospects for this self titled album? Do you have tour dates, festivals planned?

CHARLIE: The album is out and the response has been real good, not much negative. When we started the band we recorded the album without any definite planes afterward. It slowly developed. Touring is kind of impossible because all the guys are on the road or playing with other people. Dave and Jimmy play with Dennis DeYoung from Styx, so they are out almost every weekend. Kenny is in the Yardbirds and he’s got a tour coming up in the spring. But actually I think we are looking at some dates in the fall, maybe something in Jersey the end of April.

5. So many musicians are involved with more than one band, or project, in order to make a living. Is that the case for you as well?

CHARLIE: This is kind of my main thing right now. All the other guys, yes, whether it’s a cover or touring gig. Because you just can’t make a living as a musician anymore, unless you are a super star. That’s why it’s one of the reasons it’s so difficult to put together a show, trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule.

6. Given the current state of the music industry and how much music is illegally downloaded, is it worth it to release a full album on CD? Do you prefer a different route, like digital, an E.p. individual songs online, streaming?

CHARLIE: Is it worth it, probably not, haha, from a financial stand point. But that’s the way I grew up listening to records, we wanted to make a statement and release a full album of music because we believed in it. But it is still available in Itunes, etc. To me it’s the whole experience, the Cd has a booklet, pictures, etc. CDs are profitable if you can sell them, but its more and more difficult. If people download an entire album that’s profitable as well. If you stream it, might as well give it away. You can get a lot of stream which is great, but you’re not making any money from it.

7. Who are a couple of bands you would like to see Radio Exile tour with?

CHARLIE: Anyone who will have us, Hahaha. I like a lot of classic rock bands…Deep Purple, Whitesnake, to the Foo Fighters. I like a mixed bill. I like the Winery Dogs, Rival Sons.

8. Bands immediate plans for the year?

CHARLIE: I’d say we are trying to play a couple shows, and we already started writing for the next album. We wont be doing any of the summer festivals.

9. Will there be another Bronx Casket Co. album?

CHARLIE: I’m not sure, I hope so. I haven’t talked to DD in a while, but we are talking about it. It’s hard, because Overkill has seen a resurgence in the past five years or so. So we have to see.

Official website: http://www.radioexile.net


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