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Ralf Scheepers – Vocals for Primal Fear

Date: 7/8/10
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. You toured the States twice within a year. Does that mean the first run of dates was a success?

RALF: Yes it was really very good. As we were there only for 6 shows we thought it's about time to spread the word all over the States this year.

2. Alex Beyrodt again joined Primal Fear for these US shows. Is he a member of the band or still just filling in for Magnus?

RALF: He was so kind to fill in again and I really have to say that he did an outstanding job! It was clear from the beginning that Magnus will be back, so there was of course a strange feeling towards Alex as we came back from the U.S. and he left the band again. But as I've said it was discussed before and we all knew that we will be back on the stage with Magnus again.

3. Since the "Black Sun" tour it seems you have not performed songs from that album live aside from ‘Armageddon’. Why?

RALF: Actually there is no certain reason behind that, it is simply coincidence that we found other songs to create the "flow" of a set. You always have to find a good variety of different rhythms and keys.

4. Did the latest album "16.6" take the band a step forward in recognition and sales?

RALF: Let’s say it this way: It was our second best in terms of sales so far. I think this is also a sign that we went a step forward in recognition as well.

5. The live setlist has remained rather constant in recent years. What songs would you like to add?

RALF: We are talking about this topic right these days and you can be sure that we will find a good solution for the band and of course most important for the fans.

6. What are your thoughts on adding ‘Church of Blood’, ‘Back From Hell’, ‘Fight the Fire’, ‘Fear’, ‘Suicide and Mania’, and ‘Cold Day In Hell’ at some point?

RALF: Very good thoughts about those songs! But you know, it's tough to please everybody when it comes to set a setlist. We try our very best but in the end a show has a certain duration, if we would play all of our songs we could play 5 hours or more.

7. Do you read reviews of the albums and shows? Does that in anyway have an influence on future releases and concerts?

RALF: Yes we read reviews but you know...everything which is written in reviews are opinions of one person. Even if we would listen to more people, it would take away the focus on our own vision of things. We do take care of constructive critics but of course we like it more to read that people are happy with the things we do.

8. What is frustrating about the business?

RALF: It's frustrating when people (in the business) do not have any respect of other people who are trying their very best to make a common interest (touring, producing an album) successful. It's even more frustrating that these persons are earning money with making the lives of those people who are involving their hearts into their passion harder by writing offensive emails and speak disrespectful on the phone.

9. Who do you think are some of the best new bands playing classic hard rock and heavy metal?

RALF: Primal Fear, Gamma Ray and many more which I don't know right now.

10. Primal Fear’s plans for the rest of the year into 2011?

RALF: Doing the summer festivals, then touring all over Europe. Then recording my solo album, then working on new songs for the next Primal Fear album.


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