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Erik Danielsson – Bass and Vocals for Watain

Date: 5/10/10
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Why did you call the new album "Lawless Darkness"?

ERIK: Because it represents exactly what the album is about; the unchained spirit of the Satanist, free of the shackles of law and order that creation constitutes.

2. What’s going on with the music on this album and what was done differently from previous albums?

ERIK: As all true artists we have evolved our skills when it comes to being able to channel the diabolic voices in our heads and hearts. We can now do so with greater precision and detail than ever before, and there is less and less of "us" in the music, and more and more of that ancient abomination from which all sinister art has sprung. Simply put; the music has become more elaborate, it contains far more now than before, yet it is linked even stronger to the chaotic source.

3. Where does the artwork for "Lawless Darkness" come from?

ERIK: From an artist that we worked with, Zbigniew Bielak. He made all artwork for the album after our very specific instructions. His unique combination of technical skill and passionate artistry in combination with our genius ideas made this the most elaborate artwork I have ever seen on a Black Metal album. A match made in hell…

4. Tell us about Watain’s artistic vision.

ERIK: The total absence of human influence, the total presence of The Other.

5. If you had to name the two bands Watain’s music is most influenced by, who are they?

ERIK: Watain and The Sparkihjälers.

6. What are the touring plans behind "Lawless Darkness" and do they include the U.S.?

ERIK: The touring plans are vast and will reach throughout most corners of this little shithole of a world. USA included. We are right now looking at some various opportunities for the US, should be confirmed in a month or so.

7. Tell us about some of the props you like to have on stage when you perform live and what would you like to do with the stage show this time around?

ERIK: We want to build a temple on stage that is pleasing to the gods to whom we direct our concerts. This is what we have done so far, and will continue to do. The stage-show thusly consists of objects that correspond with the nature of Satan and the mysteries of the forbidden Cult; fire, blood, incense, carrions, sulfur, iron, poisons, death…

8. Any plans to record a show for DVD?

ERIK: No not really. I don’t like the idea of idiots sitting home in their comfortable little houses watching a Watain video and eating popcorn. A Watain show is meant to be witnessed live, where you can partake in full with all senses, and where there is no safety or comfort whatsoever.

9. Are you influenced at all by King Diamond and/or Mercyful Fate and have you ever thought of covering one of their songs?

ERIK: King Diamond is a great artist and we are all great admirers of his work. We haven’t seen any reason to cover his songs though. Honestly I feel it would be quite hard to make them justice, since I do not have his vocal range…yet.

10. Who do you think are the most important Black Metal bands past and present?

ERIK: They are quite many Black Metal bands I would consider as important –at least parts of their history-, but off the top of my head; Bathory – Venom - Dissection – Nifelheim – Watain and all the bands of Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Official website: http://www.templeofwatain.com


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