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Mistress Tina (Vocals) and Dan Rhodus (Drums) – DesDemon

Date: 3/27/10
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Tell us a little bit about the history of the band.

TINA: Well, we are New York based. We actually met in Canada, Dan and I, and Lord Metadox, we were all in other bands, and met up at a music conference so we became friends after that. Our bands disbanded at the same time and we decided to start another project, got two other people, and now we have DesDemon. The band name comes William Shakespeare’s Othello, his wife’s name was Desdemona, so it’s a little play on words when Shakespeare takes out the A because she was accused of cheating on him when she didn’t and so he calls her Desdemona because that’s the demon aspect of it. And we also we incorporate the demon aspect into our music also.

2. DesDemon’s music is a mix of power and progressive metal with a gothic feel. Would you both agree?

DAN: Yeah I agree, there is a little bit of both genres in our music but we do like to incorporate a darker element into the music to make it sound a little more evil. Tina, and our guitarist Lord Metadox (TINA: who you can call Frank, haha) do most of the writing, but all our ideas are taken into consideration.

3. DesDemon is a brand new band, is “The Awakening” E.P. your first official release?

DAN: Yes, Tina and I started working on ideas about a year ago and started working with Frank, then added the keyboardist and bass player. It’s a 5 song E.P.

4. Can you tell us a little bit about the songs on “The Awakening”?

DAN: Yeah, well they all intertwine with the theme of betrayal, vengeance, desperation, and violence. ‘Iago’ and ‘The Absence of Light’ are two or the darker songs, ‘Burning Martyr’ is a straight up Power Metal song, and the first song ‘Aquiescene of Illusion’ on the album is a little more progressive, and ‘A Soul In Exile’ is like a heavy metal ballad.

5. Since you are in the Power Metal field, who are some of your favorite bands and influences?

DAN & TINA: Iced Earth, Helloween, Primal fear, After Forever, Kamelot. Symphonic power metal bands…Symphony X, plus also of course Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc. There are just so many.

6. Do you ever get into the extreme Power Metal like Dragonforce?

DAN: O no…they are good at what they do but that’s not what we are into.

7. Will a full length album soon follow the E.P.?

TINA: Yeah most likely next year, we are working on it right now. We’ve already booked shows for the spring, one date on May 20th with Primal Fear in New York City.

8. What type of touring has DesDemon done up to this point?

DAN: Well we have done a lot of Tri-State stuff, played in Belgium over Halloween which was great. But pretty much local shows. The show in Belgium happened because a production company was doing a compilation CD and had a spot open on their festival and asked if we’d be interested.

9. Tina, who are your heroes as far as female Heavy Metal singers?

TINA: Floor Jensen from After Forever, Anne Wilson from Heart, Doro is pretty kick ass, hahaha, I also have a few male favorites, Hansi from Blind Guardian, Russell Allen from Symphony X.

10. And Dan, your favorite drummers and influences?

DAN: Mike Portnoy from Dream theater, John Bonham, Bill Ward from Black Sabbath, Brent Smedley from Iced Earth, Casey Grillo from Kamelot, there are just so many but those are a few.

11. What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2010 into 2011?

DAN & TINA: Lots of shows and working on new music for the full length album. And thanks to all the people who come to the show and support us, and Dustin from Frontiers who has been really supportive and helpful. And thank you for doing the interview. “The Awakening” has been getting a great response and good reviews, plus we are really looking forward to playing New York with Primal Fear. We played the Gramercy in New York a few months ago with TYR and Korpiklaani and they really packed the place.

Official website: http://www.desdemon.com


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