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Kevin Keegan – Guitars and Vocals for Barn Burner

Date: 2/15/10
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Tell us about the name of the band.

KEVIN: We wanted to come up with something that sort of represented the atmosphere we wanted to create, which is of a raging party. I hope that's sort of what it brings to mind for people.

2. Did the band come up with the artwork and what are your thoughts on the finished product?

KEVIN: Our good friend Cody Fennell executed it after we talked back and forth about what we wanted for an idea. He had designed the character of Bernard Burner for a show poster for us once and when it came time to do the album art I asked if Cody would throw Bernard into the scenario in which he is depicted on the cover and from there Cody added tons of detail and came up with one of the coolest covers I had ever seen.

3. What direction are you taking the music in?

KEVIN: We are headed in a similar direction as we have been since we started, I guess things are getting a bit more technical. For the most part we just want to keep writing what we feel are good heavy metal tunes.

4. How did you get a deal with Metal Blade?

KEVIN: We go way back with Sarah, who is the Canadian Metal Blade rep, and would always drag her out to our shows. After several times of her seeing us and telling us we weren't very good, I guess she thought we had improved enough to warrant a referral to the LA office. I think it was not that we had improved but that we had consistently gotten her more wasted every time she saw us, booze can do some wonderful things for a bands career!

5. Has the band done much touring prior to the release of the debut album?

KEVIN: We had toured Canada a few times before we got signed. We were always trying to play as much as possible.

6. What opportunities have been offered since signing to Metal Blade?

KEVIN: So far it's gotten us a lot more exposure. A name like Metal Blade comes with a certain amount of clout so that has definitely helped get our name out there. It has also allowed me to chat with our A&R guy Vince a lot, we trade recipes and talk about our feelings, it's quite nice.

7. Shooting a promo video and if so for what song?

KEVIN: We did throw together some live footage into a DIY sort of video for the song ‘Half Past Haggard’. It's nothing too fancy but hopefully people will check it out.

8. With so many Heavy Metal bands out there, what do you think makes your band different from others?

KEVIN: We just try to write songs that sound good to us and a priority for us is that we have a good time doing it. I figure if the four of us dirtbags like this shit, there's got to be at least four other dirtbags in every city that dig it as well. If you do the math on that...it's like 100 dudes! Sounds like a party to me.

9. Who are some of you favorite newer metal bands?

KEVIN: I really love a band called Children from Brooklyn, they are pretty great. Other than that I like High on Fire, Priestess, Origin, Cephalic Carnage, the Black Dahlia Murder, Doomriders... tons of shit!

10. Plans for the rest of 2010 into 2011?

KEVIN: Hopefully tons of touring and the release of our next record.

Official MySpace: www.myspace.com/theinfamousbarnburner


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