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Kip Winger – Bass for Winger, Composer

Date: 11/18/09
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. "Karma" is a very guitar oriented album and hardest to date. "IV" was dark and more contemporary, was "IV" supposed to be in this vein?

KIP: No, "IV" was supposed to be what it is. I wanted this record to be straight forward and in your face. Similar to what we sound like live. But honestly, all the records were recorded the same. It was only the mix that may have softened them up.

2. Tell us about Winger’s progression from the first two Winger albums in the 80s to now? What has changed, what has remained constant?

KIP: In my mind everything has been constant, from the point of view of our approach. It is always the same. Reb and I sit down with a drum machine and a 12 pack of Coors Light and start writing riffs. When we get some we like we then arrange them in to song tracks, and sing sudo melodies along the way. I'm usually left to finish them and record the rest of the band. Depending on who’s mixing has a great deal to do with end result.

3. Do you feel Winger gets the credit they deserve as a solid talent hard rock/metal band?

KIP: Oh, well that’s not my concern, that is for people to fight out on their own time. Winger has always been a band people love or hate. Not much in between. I have not changed my approach to music since day one. My focus is to write good music. At this point I really don’t care what people think about it. It is nice when people "get it" but if they don’t, no big deal.

4. Since seven of the ten songs on “Karma” are hard rockers, have you ever considered doing an album with no ballads?

KIP: Music is the reflection of emotion. I write in many emotional genres. I would never set out to write this or that, I follow the emotional thread. If I only wrote extremely heavy songs it would exemplify that I’m only feeling one emotion. That isn’t how I process music. It probably works for some people, but not me.

5. Any plans to release the VHS home videos for the debut album, "In The Heart of the Young", and "Pull" on DVD with all the Winger videos?

KIP: Well that would be in the hands of Atlantic Records. You might want to call them for that.

6. Is there a pro shot concert, or television appearance(s), from the 80s or 90s that will be released on DVD?

KIP: There is one that I own and I may put it out at some point. It’s from Japan.

7. Is "Pull" still overlooked or has it received the recognition it deserves?

KIP: From my observation, "Pull" is kind of a cult classic. Definitely and important record for us.

8. Touring plans for "Karma"?

KIP: I'm emailing you from Rome, we start here in a couple days. We will hopefully do the States in the summer.

9. Would you like to tour with any of your peers?

KIP: I'll perform with anyone, we will see who’s out there this time.

10. Shooting a promo video from "Karma"?

KIP: If we do those can be seen on the Official Winger YouTube.

11. Is there a Winger song you would never perform live? Which songs would you like to add to the setlist?

KIP: We only do the ones that we feel really work live. We will do 5 songs from “Karma”.

12. I have a couple songs I would like to see added to your live set. What are your thoughts?

a. ‘Poison Angel’
KIP: Did it on the first tour.
b. ‘No Man’s Land’
KIP: Did it on the "Pull" tour.
c. ‘In My Veins’
KIP: Too damn hard to sing the end of that one live…LOL.. One of my favorites.
d. ‘Battle Angels’
KIP: Cool song but the lyrics –Not so much.
e. ‘Hell to Pay’
KIP: Ahh-- Hell To Pay.. clever bridges/ lyrics, Don’t you think?

13. Why have the songs ‘Out for the Count’ from The Karate Kid Part III Soundtrack and ‘Battle Stations’ from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack not been released on a Winger compilation?

KIP: We tried to but the record companies that own them never got back to us.

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