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Rob Lowe – Vocals for Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus

Date: 5/09
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. First, congratulations on a stunning performance on “Death Magic Doom”. I reviewed the disc and gave it 10/10. How involved were you in the songwriting process and in creating the lyrics?

ROB: First of all thank you very much for you compliments. Actually I didn't have a whole lot to do with this album. As usual Leif pretty much has everything prepared. The only real input I had would have been changing some of the words in the songs and basically discussing with Leif how I would propose to do certain phrasing, choruses and any possible harmonies.

2. Your vocals are very dramatic, powerful, beautiful, and haunting depending on the song putting an emphasis on certain words and phrases in songs like “The Bleeding Baroness”, ‘Demon of the Deep’, ‘Clouds of Dementia’, and ‘My Funeral Dreams’. Tell us about how you approached the vocal for such tracks?

ROB: Well initially I listen to the original track and take from that any emotions or any sort of feeling the music sans vocals gives me. From there it just goes to matching the words to the music and conveying that emotion through certain accents and emphasis on any particular word or phrasing that feels right. Oh, and again thanks for the compliment, my man.

3. Aside from the guitar, bass, and drums, what other instruments and sounds made it into the music?

ROB: As far as I know there is just a smidgen of keyboard throughout.

4. Looking back on previous releases with Johan Lanquist and Messiah, what do you admire about both their contributions? What do you think they lack?

ROB: I admire Johan's kind of almost desolate whoa and despair approach to the songs which for me made “Epicus Doomicus” what it is. As far as Messiah, the first thing that stuck out in my mind back in the day was the powerful operatic stylings. As far as lacking anything who am I to judge? But I will say this, out of the two there is one in particular which could stand to turn down the vibrato a bit.

5. What about the albums “Chapter VI” with Tomas Vikstrom, “Dactylis Glomerata” and “From The 13th Sun” with Björn Flodkvist singing?

ROB: Its been several years since I have listened to “Chapter VI” but I do remember liking the first two songs; ‘The Dying Illusion’ and ‘Julie Laughs No More’. I have never heard “Dactylis Glomerata”. I have only recently acquired “From the 13th Sun” and so far I like the album as a whole but have yet to nitpick it.

6. What are some of your favorite tracks to perform from the back catalogue?

ROB: ‘Gallows End’, ‘Samarithan’ and ‘A Sorcerers Pledge’.

7. How have you been accepted by the Candlemass fans? Are you looked at as a suitable, possibly better, voice than those who came before you?

ROB: Well I can't answer that but I can tell you that the fans I have personally met and/or seen through social networking sites and forums seem to have accepted me and I presume to know no more.

8. What are a few of your favorite Candlemass albums and why?

ROB: Well I would have to say that “Nightfall” is my personal favorite from the old catalog simply because it was the first one I had bought, so it has a nostalgic connection. And then obviously the others would be “King of the Gray Islands” and “Death Magic Doom” simply because of their greatness, hehe.

9. What is the status of Solitude Aeturnus?

ROB: We have currently been doing local shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we are planning on doing a festival in Romania in August which consequently Candlemass will also be doing. We are currently working on new material and I would have to say no one is going to be disappointed.

10. Any plans for Candlemass to play some shows in the U.S. in support of “Death Magic Doom”?

ROB: Not likely this year, my friend.

11. How many songs from “Death Magic Doom” will make it to the live set?

ROB: At this point the plan is ‘If I Ever Die’, ‘Hammer of Doom’ and ‘The Bleeding Baroness’.

12. Plans to record a show for DVD?

ROB: At this point all I know is that there will be a 12 camera DVD shoot at the upcoming Sweden Rock Fest.

13. Shooting any promo videos in support of “Death Magic Doom”?

ROB: Not that I know of.

14. Closing thoughts?

ROB: Thanks for everyone's support. Buy “Death Magic Doom”. May your days be blessed with darkness.

Official website: http://www.candlemass.se

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