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Bjorn Luna – Bass for Chrome Division

Date: 08/11/08
Interviewed By: Rich Catino

1. I have been listening to the new cd “Booze, Broads, and Beelzebub”. Was it intentional to have this Motorheadish sound?

BJORN: No not really, not intentional to sound specifically like them at all. With Chrome Division we were going for the style of music which really appeared in the late 70s early 80s. The music we grew up with and everybody is about the same age in this band so everyone is really influenced by bands from that time. So when we got together we kind of said lets play the music we grew up listening to. And from that time one of them are Motorhead so it was a coincidence. Bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Venom.

2. Since there is that comparison to Motorhead, what steps did the band have to take to capture maybe some of that Motorhead spirit while making it Chrome Division?

BJORN: Basically we tried to delve into an old feeling, like when your young and you listen to music for the first time, it has a major impact on you. Of course when you are young everything makes its mark in some way and this rock music at a young age really changes your life. Its classic music for us and that’s what we wanted to do with Chrome Division, but you know it is really hard to make as good music as they did at that time. But we try to have their attitude and make great music with our own expression and humor. Our own way of writing music with that spirit of those classic hard rock and heavy metal bands.

3. How involved are you in the songwriting process?

BJORN: When it comes to making riifs I am not that active but I am pretty involved in the arranging. When we do this songwriting the old fashioned way it happens at the rehearsal place jamming, seeing what works and what doesn’t as a band. Its so much more alive this way and the whole band gets to be a part of the arrangements.

4. So does maybe one member of the band bring a riff or a drum beat to the rest of the members and then everyone develops the music from there?

BJORN: Yeah that’s right and if something’s not fitting we will get rid of it and try something else out.

5. Does the band consider this a side project or a full time band?

BJORN: I think the four of us, aside from Shagrath who understandably has his priorities with Dimmu Borgir, we consider it a major band and we do everything we can to make it happen with this band. When Shagrath is with us he puts in 100% and he does a lot of stuff but he is of course very occupied with Dimmu. So when he has his breaks from Dimmu Borgir he does make his contributions to Chrome Division and comes up with a lot of riffs. So for us it’s a band not a side project.

6. Will Chrome Division be shooting any promo videos in support of “Booze, Broads, and Beelzebub”?

BJORN: No I don’t think so unfortunately. The record company did it last time, but this time we were in a more expensive studio recording the album so that could be a factor. But we are planning to do maybe a live video.

7. As I was reading your bio it states your cover of ZZ top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” is a Norwegian biker metal version. So can you tell us what makes your version so?

BJORN: Hahaha, umm you know the song is a classic rock song and very cool but I think during this period in ZZ Top’s career it was very smooth and polished for them. So we wanted to make it ruffer and more powerful. At least make it sound a little better. And I think it makes the album a little more varied as well.

8. Has Chrome Division had the opportunity to perform live and if so, how did that go?

BJORN: Well when you listen to Chrome Division the music is really made to be played live and unfortunately we have only played live once. We played here in Oslo, Norway, where we are from. But we have a show on the 6th of September and it’s a pretty big show, bigger venue. I think we are planning to do some more show when Dimmu Borgir go into the studio to record another record in the winter. We are even in talks to do some U.S. dates with a band called Volbeat so some things will happen later this year.

9. Where does the name Chrome Division come from?

BJORN: It is a made up name, it is like a bikers club, like you can see the patch on the back of a jacket. Our logo, which I like very much, is very simple but designed very much to be associated with a biker club and we just felt the name was well suited for a band also. It serves two purposes.

10. What kind of attention have you received from the States? Has the name Chrome Division reached our shores?

BJORN: Actually this time around with the record there is much more interest from the States. When you think of it a lot of influence comes from the old bands from the United States and I think that the American people have this attitude that they like so much.

11. How important has Myspace become for Chrome Division and earning a fan base?

BJORN: Yeah that has been pretty important I mean it is a rather strong medium to discover new bands. With a couple clicks of the mouse you can listen to three or four songs and in a matter of minutes you will know if you like a band or not, so it pretty cool.

12. Do you go to the Chrome Division Myspace page? Do you keep up on how many times the page has been viewed or how many times your songs have been played? Do you respond to the fans?

BJORN: Yeah I do try to check it out from time to time. There is someone who does maintain our page and I don’t really get a chance to respond to all the fans but I do read the comments.

13. What are Chrome Divisions plans for the rest of 08 into 09?

BJORN: Right now we are trying to play as many shows as we can and we will probably record another album because we have at least one song ready for the third album plus a lot of riffs ready to go. So we will continue writing and record. And the shows in the U.S. were tentatively planned for the fall but nothing is definite.

14. Are involved in any other bands or projects?

BJORN: Not really but I have been trying out something which is more like country music. I like a lot of different styles of music and this is one style I have always been curious to explore. We don’t have enough music for a Myspace page but when we get enough we will have a page up. You can check the Chrome Division Myspace page for news about this project and we will have links to it.

Myspace page: www.myspace.com/chromedivision
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