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Mike Gaspar – Drums for Moonspell

Date: 11/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. By re recording these songs from the EP “Under The Moonspell”, what has that allowed you to do with the music you were unable to do when these songs were first recorded in 1994?

MIKE: First of all we were very young and had no idea how to record albums!!! Portugal was very lost in the metal scene and we had to create what we thought was right!!! Producers, studios, playing live, rehearsal place were all very limited for Metal!!! Still is!!! Nowadays we have a great career, many albums done with excellent producers and studios. We even have our own nowadays. All this gave us the wisdom to do the best back to the roots album could only dream of!!!

2. This new addition of the album is now called "Under Satanae" can you explain why?

MIKE: That´s easy!!! “Anno Satanae” was the name of the demo! “Under the Moonspell” was the E.P So we just brought the names together since they are very balanced in terms of time. We couldn’t have thought of a better name even if we tried. Some stuff is just meant to be simple!

3. Tell us about the newly added songs "Goat of Fire", "Ancient Winter Goddess", "Wolves from the Fog", and "Serpent Angel"?

MIKE: The first three are from the demo I mentioned. They were all composed in our first rehearsal place that was an old gym hall that belonged to the community!!! We could only rehearse on weekends. But there was a small stage. Every time we rehearsed we had to build our stuff and then take it down. I guess this gave us some experience for the later times of touring. They are pure black metal with many southern influences. No one of it´s kind. They are really powerful songs and make us sound young again. “Serpent Angel” was the first promo track. Only Fernando was part of that one! I came in with the Demo. So it was cool to finally record the only song from our career that I never did. And is it brutal now!!! A true Satanic mass!!!!

4. According to the record overview, the album is divided into three parts. Is their a differences between the three or did you try to present them as a complete listening experience?

MIKE: They are separate cause of the times they were done in. We thought the experience would be better that way!! You listen to the more recent stuff and slowly go deeper into the past.

5. Being from Portugal, what type of native sounds did you incorporate into "Under Satanae"?

MIKE: Well we have a very old history going back to Lusitanian times. The Medieval atmosphere is very connected with this release!!! We have all kinds of percussions you would hear at any dance by the fire in past lives. Traditional instruments and voices that stand out so much with our culture and what inspired us at the time. Just being Portuguese is a big inspiration!!! We are so different from the rest of the world.

6. The artwork is very similar to the original. Can you tell us what the cover is about?

MIKE: We had a good old school buddy help us with the cover. I think he wanted to bring the over the top covers back. Like Iron Maiden, Sodom, Helloween!!! The thrill to have a painting just like in the old days. He is very fond of this style so the result was mind blowing. He really brought all the elements of the music and lyrics to the cover. For me, it´s like I listen to the music and that is the image I see and feel. We played Marrocos two years ago. We were in places that I felt I had gone back to hundreds of years. The night sky was full of heat. Just like “Under”!!! Spooky!!!

7. Has work begun on a new record?

MIKE: We have. But we have been so busy with “Under the Moonspell”. Its weird to dig in the past and now try to go forward. We have many lyrics and riffs ready to go. Still need real songs though. But I must say that I am not worried at all. We have never been so busy and excited about the future. I see a good mix of our most intense flavors coming soon.

8. What direction do you see it going in?

MIKE: Heavy, fragile, lost, black, goth. What about that for a style!!! He he he.. I just hope people take the minute to listen to it and hopefully they will say this is Moonspell and they are better than ever. We owe our fans and ourselves that always.

9. Have you ever toured the U.S. and are their any plans to do so in the near future?

MIKE: Many times!!!! Not as easy as for most though. But still we have made many cool fans that now follow us and will do anything for the band. We hope to get out there with the next album!!! We will also for sure include some tracks from “Under”. That will kill for sure!!!

10. What does Moonspell have planned for the rest of 07 into 08?

MIKE: Preproduction with Waldemar Sorytcha in November in our studio!!!

Record the new album in January in Denmark with Tue Madsen and have an awesome time. Metal is no job!!! It is what we just have to do to breathe better!!! He he.

11. Have you ever recorded a live show for release and do you plan on doing a DVD?

MIKE: We did a show in Poland in 04, Century should release it but got complicated with legal stuff. We have waited for a long time for the release. Maybe one day it will happen. But with Youtube you can see us anywhere you want all over the word!!!! He He…. That’s power!!!

12. What records do you find are Moonspell's strongest and why?

MIKE: “Wolfheart” and “Irreligious!!!! It was the magic of the times!!! The innocence and dreams of the first album. A lot of hate and love in the process of getting what we wanted. Six lost wolves in Germany. Scary at first but so thrilling to get out. So much new information. We would change for ever after that!!! “Irreligious” was the pearl for us!. Just the perfect timing. We wanted to show that we had learned a lesson and could do a lot better after all the touring. It was so hard so we needed to put the feellings of what we had felt on an album. A true blend of metal and goth!!!! Ricardo’s first Moonspell album. All the years of waiting to do the best job of his life for the times. So musical and sweet!!!! Good memories for sure.

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