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John Tardy – Vocals for Obituary

Date: 09/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Compare and contrast “Xecutioner’s Return” to your comeback album “Frozen in Time”?

JOHN: I am totally happy with both releases. I think “Frozen in Time” was the record we needed and is just really heavy. The only thing disappointing about it was Roadrunner being involved. “Xecutioner’s Return” was just such a relief for us and we just felt that we could do whatever we wanted and however we wanted. We designed and built our own studio just for this album. It really made a difference for us and I think XR is just the best produced CD we have with the best written song we have ever done. The reaction to this album is better that any album we have done.

2. Was their something the band tried to do differently or better with “Xecutioner” maybe not accomplished on “Frozen in Time”?

JOHN: Not really. We do not put much thought into “what we need to do”. When we are ready to record, it could be 2 years, it could be 7 years, we just start to jam and have fun with it. If we are having fun then I know the music we make will be sick.

3. Is there a period in the band’s history, maybe an album, that did not live up to your expectations?

JOHN: It depends on how you look at it. Musically, not that you don’t look back at everything you do and think to yourself how you could have done something different or better, I am totally satisfied. I think we have put out excellent product album and album! But, over the last several releases on Roadrunner is what was disappointing. To this day I am not sure what there problem was, but they just paid less and less attention to us. I really wouldn’t mind if they said “just go” but to hang on to us and not push us to the best of their ability is what sucked.

4. What are some of the topics discussed on “Xecutioner’s Return”?

JOHN: Topics are not what Obituary does, it is just how the music makes you feel! Don’t try to get to deep just enjoy it!

5. Did your comeback tour supporting “Frozen in Time” meet your expectations and what were some of the highlights from that tour?

JOHN: We have been having a great time and have been getting bigger and better offers than ever. “Frozen” also got us to places we have never been too…Russia, Australia, S. America, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine…

6. Does the band get the chance often to jam and rehearse?

JOHN: Having a studio at my house is just the best thing! It gives us a chance to jam when we want and to record at anytime we want!

7. What are your thoughts on some of your peers when Obituary got their start like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Death? Do you think their music aged well and what do you think of their more recent work?

JOHN: These guys are all friends of ours and I am proud of all of them to keep their music going. The Florida Metal scene is just as fascinating as any other in the world and I am proud to be apart of it.

8. Which albums do you think are Obituary’s strongest and why?

JOHN: Like I said earlier I am satisfied with all or our releases and each one has special meaning to me. The success of each one in particular can be judged by our fans. To me our new album, XR, is just the best written, best produced one we have done.

9. Thoughts on your upcoming U.S. tour?

JOHN: We are really excited to be on the road in the U.S. It seems like we do more shows in Europe so it is nice to be closer to home!

10. Was it the band’s choice to have Alabama Thunderpussy, Full Blown Chaos and Hemlock as support?

JOHN: There are so many variables that go into choosing bands to go out with that it is just an endless maze of issues. I do think the bill we wound up with is awesome. I like to see variation on a bill and don’t just want to hear four of the same kind of bands. That is just me though…

11. What are your plans for the rest of 07 into 08? After the U.S. Tour we plan on another release of sorts…maybe an ep or something and then we will be back in the U.S. in December for another handful of shows and then to Europe in January for a full Euro Tour. We also want to get over to Japan and maybe back to Australia.

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