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War A.N. – Vocals and Guitar for Crionics

Date: 08/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Your latest cd “Neuthrone” (appropriately titled) is going in a slightly different musical direction than “Armageddon’s Evolution” which was Black Metal. Why the change?

WARAN: It was natural process. We like to do our albums little different each time. I think ”Neuthrone” is still in the Black Metal vein, but we managed to include some new elements in our music. We called it “modern Black Metal” draftly as we want to catch some blackish mood using some new solutions. We just felt it’s time for some changes, as such in the case with each album.
2. Image wise the band has also veered away from the corpse paint and going for more of an industrial look. Tell us about that.

WARAN: It’s like with our music. It changed, so image also had to. This time, we tried to make all things about the album suitable to others, so all the music, lyrics, layout and image is part of one, coherent concept.

3. Talk about the music on “Neuthrone” and what steps you took to either change or just progress?

WARAN: Most important changes are like new way of riffing, using keyboards and arranging music. The songs are shorter, less complicated than before, and we dont use up to 15 riffs per one track, as before ha, ha. We always assume something that is new in our music, so let’s say, each time we change our music to make progression possible.

4. How about the cd cover, what’s going on with that?

WARAN: You can see there a picture of man with deformed face who appears on our video, it was taken during working on the clip.

5. Are you satisfied with the video for “Humanmeat Cargo”? What is the song about?

WARAN: Yes, we are, considering the budget we had for that. The song is a part of lyrical concept, a history of “Neuthrone”. So, this fragment is about people who are tested and healed by “homo superiors”, someone between a man and Alien to make them useful for working for those who arrived on Earth. Those are transported to “Outer Empire” to become a part of Rye’eh X’D’aah’s experiment. In the video, a man awakes in like a laboratory, has a kind of metamorphosis and he joins an Alien like helper of theirs to catch and send title “Humanmeat Cargo” to his masters, but finally he’s killed by two nice women at the end of video clip.

6. What are your current touring plans?

WARAN: On 30th of August we're going on "Northern Assassination Tour 2007" with Rotting Christ, Krisiun and Incantation and will play in some Scandinavian countries as well as in Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia and Northern Germany. In October a big Eastern tour is planned, so we'll appear in Russia, Belorus, Ukraine and Moldavia. Soon after that, Crionics will play in Poland again, as 10-concert "Rebel Angels 2007 vol.2" is planned for November. We’re trying to book some dates for December, but it’s too early to talk about it.

7. Does it include the U.S. down the road?

WARAN: No, it’s not possible to go to the US this year, I hope we’ll manage to do it somewhere in 2008.

8. Do you find it hard to compete within the Black/Death Metal scene?

WARAN: We never considered it as competition. Music is art. Partly, it can’t be like rat race. We just do our thing the best we’re able in a moment, that’s all.

9. Tell us about fellow countrymen Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated. Do the members of Crionics run in the same social or music circles as them?

WARAN: We’re just friends. We use to tour with these bands as well as with their respective musicians appearing on other projects. Some of them live in Cracow, so we can have some beers from time to time.

10. Is there anything new or inventive in extreme metal music, maybe something a particular band has done, that you have heard recently?

WARAN: To be honest, I have no time to listen to the music recently, so I’m not into new metal music too much. I heard some songs from last albums of DHG, Aborym and they show there are still things that can be used in extreme metal and I think they do it well. This is good idea to explore metal music with some industrial/synthetic sounds, and this, both with better and better production are probably future of this music.

Official website: www.crionics.rockmetal.pl/
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