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Johan Lindstrand – Vocals for One Man Army and the Undead Quartet

Date: 05/17/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. Can you tell us about the name of the band and why?

JOHAN: I started the band in the summer of 2004 and it began as more of a solo band but I didn’t do it with that intention even though the band name may imply that. At the time I was not happy at all with The Crown so that lead to my decision to form this band.

2. Can you talk about the title and what is an “Error in Evolution”?

JOHAN: Well an error in evolution could be any number of things going on in the world like terrorism for example, war, political corruption. I thought maybe people could learn from some of the lyrics written for this album and those topics are just interesting anyway.

3. What style of music do you think One Man Army plays?

JOHAN: Primarily it is thrash with some death metal influence given my style of vocals. But I think we try to incorporate different sounds from hard rock and heavy metal into our music. We are inspired by bands like Slayer and Metallica. That’s the music we grew up on and love so that’s what we are going to sound similar to.

4 .What thrash bands do you find yourselves sounding like?

JOHAN: I don’t think we are trying to be different than any of the other dozens of thrash bands out there. I mean it is so hard to sound original given this type of sound, we play music that has been played for such a long time it is hard to be original to an extent really. I think we just try to be better than the next guy and write really tight songs that’s all.

5. Well I thought the new album reminded me in some ways of Testament’s “The Gathering”. Do you hear that as well?

JOHAN: Yeah and that’s a nice comparison thanks. We like that Bay Area sound and I think you can hear that in our music. Its nice to be compared to that and especially Testament.

6. Do you find it hard for One Man Army to stand out and be different given the death metal vocal style you use?

JOHAN: Well I have been singing this way for seventeen years and for those people who know my singing will like what we are doing with One Man Army. Its about 90 percent death metal vocals. But with this band its not about one guy its about working with everyone in the band to make great music. And with my voice I am trying different things for One Man Army I don’t want it to be a death metal style vocal all the time.

7. What has changed between the first and second records?

JOHAN: I think these songs are shorter and more to the point. They also have a lot more melody and we really learned how to write better One Man Army songs. We got to know each other better as a band and came up with some really killer arrangements.

8. How does melody fit into One Man Army’s music?

JOHAN: We don’t want to paint ourselves into a corner so to make our sound say different or better melody is definitely important. We always find a place for it even though my vocals may not be melodic.

9. Plans to release any videos?

JOHAN: Really I don’t know that’s up to Nuclear Blast but if it was up to me of course. Right now they don’t think its important to release one but we will see.

10. Tell us about why you chose to cover the Alice Cooper song He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) from the Friday the 13th Part VI movie?

JOHAN: Well I am a horror fan and I picked that song because that movie had originally been censored in Sweden and was not available for many years. You had to find it on bootleg in order to see it. I am not a huge Alice Cooper fan but I thought it would be a good song for One Man Army to cover and I think we did it justice.

11. Touring plans, maybe the States?

JOHAN: We will do some dates in Europe and I would really like to come to the States with One Man Army because I was there with my previous band The Crown. Its all about how well the album does really which will determine whether or not we come over there.

12. If you were able to pick the bands who you would tour with who would they be?

JOHAN: Well when it comes to bigger acts Slayer and Morbid Angel who are two of my favorite bands, Metallica would be great of course. I just love those type of bands so to tour with them would be great.

13. Working on any other projects?

JOHAN: I am doing vocals for a band called Incapacity from Sweden with the guy from Scar Symmetry. Its more brutal than One Man Army and I will be the main vocalist.

Official website: www.onemanarmy.tv

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