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Mike Sabatini – Drums for Attacker

Date: 04/07/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. So talk about the band's album "Soul Taker" where you reformed in 2004 and "The Unknown" from 06. Were you satisfied with those records and what were the fans and critics thoughts on them?

MIKE: Well let's see, “Soul Taker” was more of a "seeing if we could still capture the 80's spirit of metal". I think we did a pretty good job and it was received very well for the most part. You always get a few people slagging older bands like us, but they don't get the reason why we came back, which was #1 for Jim Mooney, our guitarist who passed away and # 2. because we just love what we do. We would have to be idiots to think we are gonna be some big band all of a sudden.

The scene is not like that anymore. “The Unknown” was a natural progression for us and was easier to write since we had been back as a unit for a while. That cd got excellent reviews from mags & fans alike. Overall, it was the best we could do at that given time.

2. Has any work been done on a new record and what's that shaping up like if so?

MIKE: We have started writing some new stuff and have two songs just about done. We are taking our time since it took us 17 years to release a 3rd album and we have released two in the last 2 years. We are in no hurry and want to make sure we like what we have done.

3. Does it have a title yet, any songs titles you can reveal?

MIKE: The only title as of now is for one song called "Condemned". No album name yet although there is a working title "King Of Hate" but it's not set in stone.

4. How did the "True Metal America" tour dates go and are their plans to do something similar in the future? If so, what band's would you like to participate the second time around?

MIKE: The shows have been pretty good so far. We have drawn anywhere from just over a 100 to just about 200 which is not bad. It's not easy to draw big crowds for old school metal bands these days, but we are trying our best to help the scene. I believe there will be some shows in the fall and winter with us of course and Raven, Hallows Eve in October and most likely with Anvil in December. Things are shaping up nicely and we hope people come out and support it.

5. After 20 years, Attacker's debut "Battle at Helms Deep" from 1985 has become sort of a classic among many circles.

Can you tell us what you think makes that record stand out and do you think that material has aged well?

MIKE: I think it stands out because of the time it was released. It was the heyday of true metal and that stays with people. The writing was True metal to the bone. Playing the stuff again was like a breath of fresh air for us, I think it holds up very well, especially in a live setting. The fans seem to love it as do we. It's just got that nostalgic thing attached to it and that's cool by me.

6. Has the band ever filmed any promo videos?

MIKE: Just one. It was for the song "The End" from the “Soul Taker” album. You can find it on our website and Myspace page as well as youtube.

7. Plans to record a show for DVD and what would you like to do for that given the opportunity?

MIKE: We have been talking about that lately and unless we can deliver a professional sounding and looking product, we would pass. It's a bit early but we would like to do the whole "Battle" album and then some other songs as well for the Dvd, if we choose to go that route. Time and money will tell!

8. How did you become involved in the Rob Oriani benefit and playing with Ross the Boss?

MIKE: Our Singer Bob had emailed Ross about the benefit show and when he accepted, Bob asked me if I wanted to play drums. What would my answer be? YES, of course.

9. What songs are in the Manowar set and are you a fan?

MIKE: The set is: Manowar, Death Tone, Shell Shock, Gloves of Metal, Secrets of Steel, Thor, Mountains, Army of the Immortals. Kill with Power. Hail to England, Bridge of Death, Hail and Kill and Battle Hymns. Yes, I was and still am a Manowar fan.

10. Anything you like to add that you are involved with, closing thoughts?

MIKE: That's about it, I will be playing With Ross the Boss again at the Brooklyn Metalfest in June at the Hook in Brooklyn of course. Come out and support True Metal America, it's for the fans so we need to have everyone come out a make a showing.

Official website: www.attacker.tv

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