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Charles Dominici – Vocals for Dominici, former singer for Dream Theater

Date: 02/14/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Just to go into your past for a minute. What ended your time with Dream Theater and what are your thoughts looking back on the record you sang on “When Dream and Day Unite”?

CHARLES: I left the band because we had a falling out that was because of a lot of little things. The band was getting nowhere and we were having some internal tension. We all agreed to part ways. I enjoyed singing on “WDADU” but I have to say it was much more fun singing on my new CD.

2. Tell us what you have been up to since you left Dream Theater?

CHARLES: I was out of the music scene through my own choice. I was getting burned out and needed a break. I guess that break was a little longer than I expected it to be. I had not done much musically for that reason. Just a song or two here and there but nothing sustained.

3. How did you find the musicians who play on the latest Dominici album “03 A Trilogy Part2”?

CHARLES: I found them when they responded to an Internet ad I placed on a DT fan site. They turned out to be perfect. They were very interested to do this project and it was very natural for us all.

4. What kind of direction are you taking the music for this album?

CHARLES: Melodic-Progressive-Metal.

5. Why call the album “03 A Trilogy Part 2”?

CHARLES: That’s easy. Because it is the second part of the O3 trilogy.

6. Do you write the music and/or lyrics?

CHARLES: I write all the lyrics and after I create some basic verse and chorus musical ideas and parts, we finish the music together.

7. What are some of the progressive metal bands you like and why?

CHARLES: I like all of the prog-metal bands, really. This music holds a special place in my soul.

8. What are the plans for Dominici in 07?

CHARLES: Write, record, tour is the process. When the CD comes out at the end of February, it’s time to tour and then start the process over.

9. Can you describe what the cover artwork is about?

CHARLES: You will know when you listen to the music and lyrics. It’s just a surrealistic image of the contents of the CD.

10. Closing thoughts?

CHARLES: I want to thank everyone for listening. Prog-metal fans are the best! Keep intelligent music alive!

Official website: www.dominici.com
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