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Francine Boucher – Lead vocals for Echoes of Eternity

Date: 02/07
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. Lets start off with the name of the band and why you chose it?

FRANCINE: It was Brandon's idea, so as he would say, "Words have the power to create or destroy, and the name of a band or title of a song can influence the direction of the music. I wanted a name that was progressive and spiritual. In my interpretation it means that we, as human beings, are all extensions of all that was ever created from the very formation of time itself. Therefore, we are all echoes of eternity."

2. Your music features a female lead voice. Within the past couple years several female fronted bands have been emerging, becoming more recognized in hard rock music. So tell us what you think Echoes of Eternity may offer different than the rest?

FRANCINE: We're different than most female-fronted bands in that we don't use keyboards or orchestras. The music is a little more aggressive & heavy, and there are no "beauty & the beast" type vocals, nor opera singing.

3. What other bands to you find yourselves similar to that have a female lead singer?

FRANCINE: People like to compare us at first to many other bands and that's fine, but we find that we have our own sound.

4. Tell us about the artwork for "The Forgotten Goddess".

FRANCINE: All the artwork was created by a Brazilian artist by the name of Wendell Pendeo. He created a piece for each song which is featured in the CD booklet. Originally, the name of the album was to be Burning With Life, but when we saw what he did for The Forgotten Goddess we loved it the most and thought it encompassed our music better. It's mysterious, beautiful, and aggressive.

5. How long has the band been together and what type of touring have you done?

FRANCINE: We've been together about 2 years or so, but the guys have all known each other for ages. We haven't done any major tours yet but will be in '07.

6. You play melodic progressive metal wouldn't you say? So what are your influences that led to your choice in musical direction?

FRANCINE: The influences come from a little bit of everything. Kirk & Brandon used to play technical death metal together, but also Brandon is influenced by many guitar players like for example Malmsteen.

7. You only have a Myspace page where it says you have an official website coming soon. Is there a reason for doing the Myspace thing first?

FRANCINE: Well, at the time, we didn't have any money to get a nice page going!! Ha,ha! MySpace is free and it's great for networking. But within the next week or so, the official site should be totally up & running.

8. How did get involved with the Metal for the Masses Vol.V compilation and what track did they put on the disc and why?

FRANCINE: Nuclear Blast who is somewhat affiliated with Century media asked us to put a track on it! At first we were going to put "Lost Beneath A Silent Sky," but at the last minute when we decided to call the album The Forgotton Goddess, we switched it to that.

9. What other bands from this compilation are you a fan of?

FRANCINE: Tons! Behemoth, Dream Evil, Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Meshuggah... Most of the bands on there are pretty awesome!

10. What is the band up to for 2007 and are there plans to tour in the U.S.?

FRANCINE: Definitely yes, but we have no specific dates at the moment!

Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/eoemetal

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