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HELENA – Vocals for Spider Rockets

Date: 11/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. Your band was formed in New Jersey. Can you tell us about some of the touring you have done in that State to establish yourselves and have you had the opportunity to open for any big names in your travels?

HELENA: When Johnny and I started the band, it was just the two of us with playing every dive bar in Jersey with midi backup for our rhythm section. After a few years of that, we added a bass player and drummer and played more dives in Jersey---but also opened for a number of national acts coming through the state— Slash's Snakepit, Glenn Hughes and Saigon Kick, among others.

2. How long has Spider Rockets been around and who are your influences?

HELENA: Johnny and I started the band in the 90s. I guess you can say Zep, Sabbath and AC/DC are our roots. But you’ll find influences from GnR, Metallica, Nirvana, Godsmack & System…. And, from time to time, some Stevie Ray Vaughn and some southern rock, too. If you listen closely, you’ll hear other influences as well.

3. At what point in its career is the band at right now, record label, fan base, touring prospects?

HELENA: We are growing. Our new CD is available through Screaming Ferret Wreckords and we are expanding our touring base.

4. Have you ever toured outside the U.S. and if so how was that experience?

HELENA: We performed at Popkomm in Berlin, Germany last year. As it turns out, they told us that we were one of four North American bands chosen—so we felt pretty honored. The festival was great—well-organized awesome venues and great sound. Everyone was very professional and we were treated well. It was a great start for us in Europe and we look forward to returning and doing more there.

5. Why the name Spider Rockets?

HELENA: We started with Spider Monkeys but the name was taken---plus we heard stories about how spider monkeys throw their feces at people….. So we adjusted---and we changed the band name to Spider Rockets. Why rockets? It sounded right to us.

6. Do you consider yourselves a Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band and do you prefer one of those categories to be in?

HELENA: I hate categories—it pisses me off that people feel the need to put you a box and label you. In a very general sense, we are a rock band—influenced by many, many hard rock acts and metal acts that have come before us as well as many rock bands, blues artists, jazz artists and other musicians.

7. What other bands do you find are similar to your sound that you recommend?

HELENA: Who do we sound like? Maybe something like Audioslave meets 7-year Bitch mixed in with the above influences that you already asked about above. What music do we recommend? That’s easy---we recommend live music and original music---all of it. Stuff in the mainstream and stuff that is not in the mainstream. We recommend that people support live music by going to shows, big and small.

8. How did you hook up with Chipster PR and has this partnership brought Spider Rockets to the next level?

HELENA: We met Chip through Skateboard Marketing. Yes, we are making our way to the next level---through a lot of hard work and the hard work of the good people around us.

9. What does the band have planned for 2007?

HELENA: Touring, writing and recording.

10. Closing thoughts?

HELENA: Our website and myspace sites both have links for merchandise and CDs. You can also get the new CD on Screaming Ferret Wreckords’ site at www.screamingferret.com .

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