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Chris Boltendahl – Vocals for Grave Digger

Date: 2004
Interviewer: Rich Catino

In celebration of Grave Digger’s FIRST EVER PERFORMANCE in the USA at the BW & BK festival in Ohio, we decided to feature an interview with singer Chris Boltendahl who gave us his thoughts on finally playing the states after 20 years of making true Heavy Metal.

1. Your show at the BW & BK Six Pack Fest in Ohio will be your first show ever in the states. How are you feeling about that and what are your expectations?

CHRIS: That's correct. To be honest, we all have no idea what will happen but for sure we'll give you a 100% true heavy metal show you'll never forget. Our drummer Stefan used to live in the States in Tampa/Fl. and he had already contact to local bands like Six Feet Under and fans and he loves the scene. But this was Tampa, so, hopefully Cleveland will be at least the same or even better.

2. In your 20 year history why has it taken so long for Grave Digger to play the states?

CHRIS: I think, our famous time started, when heavy metal was absolutely out in the States. So, and now, here we are, because we believed in our music and kept the flame burning.

3. Has the response to your last two releases “The Grave Digger” and “Rheingold” been a factor in getting the band to now play the states?

CHRIS: It's true, that since the last 2 albums, we got really good reactions from the U.S. And there were already plans since the last 3 years, to play live over there, but always in the last second happened something, what made it impossible to fly.

4. Besides playing the festival, what else do you plan on doing with your time in the states?

CHRIS: Hopefully we'll meet a lot of fans personally and we'll go shopping.

5. Is their a chance a Grave Digger doing more dates here any time soon?

CHRIS: The band really wants to play more shows and I think, when this first one works fine, we'll be back for more.

6. Obviously you will be covering Grave Digger’s history in Ohio. So what will your set list consist of?

CHRIS: Good question, next question...no, honestly we have in recent years had problems to find the "perfect" set list. The main tracks will be naturally from "Rheingold" and "The Grave Digger" filled up with a lot of classics like "Rebellion", "Heavy Metal Breakdown", "Witchhunter" and so on.

7. Have you begun work on the next record? What is it about?

CHRIS: We had already one, we call it "idea weekend" but no finished songs already and there is also no subject or title on our minds.

8. How has Nuclear Blast in America been for Grave Digger and are they productive?

CHRIS: Let's say it this way, It's better than nothing and much, much better than our old label G.U.N. There is still a lot of work to do...

9. Has the video for “Valhalla” been submitted to MTV’s Headbanger's Ball?

CHRIS: No, not yet.

10. Any plans of recording a full concert for a DVD?

CHRIS: Yes, next year, on our 25th birthday, we'll present a full recorded live show on DVD.

Official website: www.grave-digger.de

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