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Lynch Mob

Date: 3/17/18
Venue: Debonair Music Hall, Teaneck, NJ
Report By: Rich Catino


Still on tour for their latest album, ‘17’s “The Brotherhood”, George Lynch (ex-Dokken) and crew came to NJ for a stop on St. Patrick’s Day. Yet again, as the story goes with George and almost each band he is part of (?), the current lineup saw another recent change with singer Oni Logan, who was on the latest album, suddenly exiting. Robert Mason (Warrant), one time singer for the Mob, stepped in taking his place temporarily on select dates. So granted with the immediate change the setlist obviously was tailored to Robert’s familiarity history with the band, minus any new material. Along with the standard Dokken tunes (‘Alone Again’ was different), we got six from the classic Lynch Mob debut kicking off with the hard rocking ‘Street Fighting Man’, and the always fan favorite sing a longs ‘River Of Love’ and ‘Sweet Sister Mercy’. All natural fits for Mason who also is just a great frontman with style and charisma. Other changes to the set included two from the self titled album Robert sang on from 1992 - the soulful ‘Tangled in the Web’ and groovy rocker ‘No Good’ which sees bassist Sean McNabb lay down his swagger. Nice to have Robert back, even though temporary.

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