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Overkill/Crowbar/Havok/Black Fast/Invidia

Date: 9/13/17
Venue: Irving Plaza, NYC
Report By: Rich Catino


Second round of tour dates for Overkill in support of their latest album “The Grinding Wheel”. For this leg of the tour, under the banner Metal Alliance, included opening groove metallers Invidia, blackened thrashers Black Fast, Havok - in support of a new album “Conformicide”. The sludgy doom of New Orleans’ Crowbar, still promoting their latest from 2016 “The Serpent Only Lies”. Of the four, for my tastes, Havok works the best, and Invidia aren’t too bad with their modern moody vibe. Black Fast are too generic for the merging of black and thrash metal. Crowbar, too slow, hardcore, and one dimensional, and a crap voice on top it doesn’t help. They really do sound like these songs are recorded in the swamps of Louisiana.
Overkill, as always, stay tried and true to the game, “The Grinding Wheel” a fitting title for their 18th album, doing what they do grinding it out once again with classic thrash metal. The band in 2017 - D. D. Verni still on bass, the voice Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth , Dave Linsk – lead guitar (1999–), and Derek Tailer on rhythm guitar (2002–), plus the recent addition drummer Jason Bittner.
Always being creative and adventurous within their style, making sure power and aggression are balanced out with tempo changes and melody in the vocals. Since day one, including three or four new tunes from the latest album on each tour (‘Mean Green Killing Machine’, ‘Goddamn Trouble’, ‘Shine On’), means Overkill understands the new songs are as important, and hold up to, the classics. And of course, always the 80’s classics are rotated in and out – this tour ‘Rotten’ and ‘Elimination’, ‘Hello from the Gutter’ remain staples with closing anthem ‘Fuck You’, while the album “Taking Over” celebrates a 30th anniversary and gets more attention – ‘In Union We Stand’, ‘Wrecking Crew’, and finally one of my favorites Electro-Violence’, got dusted off. Thanks again, guys!

Overkill Setlist:
Mean, Green, Killing Machine
Rotten to the Core
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From the Gutter
In Union We Stand
Goddamn Trouble
Wrecking Crew
I Hate
Shine On
Thanx for Nothin'
Fuck You

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