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Date: 4/28/17
Venue: Sherman Theater, Strousburg, PA
Report By: Rich Catino


So, another decade, a new millennium, and Ratt continue to go back and forth from being a band, breaking up, reforming with a couple original members, former members (Bobby Blotzer, and Juan Croucier for a short period) going out under the Ratt name by themselves..the drama continues. Now, its only two camps…Bobby Blotzer is no longer allowed to call his band Ratt, with Juan rejoining original members Stephen Pearcy and Warren DeMartini, for another go at it.
Having only within the past year gotten their shit together with this lineup, joined by returning rhythm guitarist Carlos Cavazo (2008-), the band were pretty tight. Stephen’s voice sounded good, strong, he hit some, tried for other, higher note, usually sang in a mid range. Juan does his vermin-like bouncing and dances around from time to time, while Jimmy DeGrasso (drums) and Carlos hold down the rhythms. Warren always came center stage for his memorable solos. He plays the riffs as they were recorded, and for the most part replicates the solos as well…although at this early stage touring he was rusty at times. But, they are just getting started back on the road, so DeMartini’s got time to get in the zone.
The setlist was what you’d expect – all the Ratt n Roll hits from the 80s seen on MTV, plus the non video often staple ‘Lack Of Communication’. But, they did dust off ‘In Your Direction’, ‘I’m Insane’, and ‘Dangerous But Worth The Risk’, for something different. ‘Walking The Dog’ is an average cover from the first E.p. Much rather heard ‘Looking For Love’, ‘Dance’, ‘I Want A Women’, they have much better to pick from. All and all a great show and this is the real Ratt…back for more. Hopefully they can hold it together this time.

Ratt Setlist:

Wanted Man
Dangerous but Worth the Risk
You Think You're Tough
Walkin' the Dog
Way Cool Jr.
I'm Insane
In Your Direction
Lack of Communication
Lay It Down
You're in Love
Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
Slip of the Lip
Nobody Rides for Free
Body Talk
Back for More
Round and Round

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