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Last in Line

Date: 3/24/17
Venue: Mexicali Live, Teenack, NJ
Report By: Rich Catino


With one album out of original music, former original Dio members guitarist Vivian Campbell and drummer Vinny Appice, with the late Jimmy Bain on bass, started touring in 2012 as a tribute to the passing of Ronnie James Dio’s music in 2010. With Andrew Freeman on vocals, while not a Dio copy in tone and texture, there are times during songs like classics ‘Stand Up and Shout’, ‘Straight Through the Heart’, ‘Don't Talk to Strangers’, ‘Holy Diver’, and ‘The Last in Line’, he strangely does sound like Ronnie. It’s a nice turn of events that Freeman’s voice has such similarities naturally, projecting Dio’s pronunciation and annunciations keeping it alive. With the passing of Jimmy Bain, former Ozzy/Vince Neil bassist Phil Soussan has filled the slot maintaining the lineup in the heavy metal family.

Amongst the several Dio classics from the first two albums, ‘Evil Eyes’ is a great, not played too often deep cut, while ‘Invisible’ I was never much a fan. Would rather have heard something from the (uneven) “Sacred Heart album like the epic title track or ‘Rock n Roll Children’. Last in Line do use a keyboard player so it would work. From their Last In Line debut “Heavy Crown’ single/video ‘Devil In Me’, ‘Martyr’, and ‘Already Dead’ are very much in the spirit of the first two Dio albums – traditional heavy metal with the guitar riffs and vocals leading the charge. Looking forward to the follow up album which is supposed to be produced again by Jeff Pilson (Dokken).

Last in Line setlist:
Stand Up and Shout
Straight Through the Heart
Devil In Me
Don't Talk to Strangers
Evil Eyes
Holy Diver
Already Dead
Last in Line
Rainbow in the Dark
We Rock


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