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Date: 2/3/17
Venue: Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
Report By: Rich Catino


Udo Dirkschneider, the original singer for Accept, has decided to stop playing Accept songs after this tour, and solely focus on his solo material and band U.D.O. So this was your last chance, guys, and for those who can’t let go of the past hoping for a reunion…doesn’t look like its ever going to happen. I’m good with it. Was great to hear Udo one last time sing all these classics. Sure, I do miss hearing him with Wolf’s (Hoffman) guitar tone behind these slabs of metal. But, it is what it is.
On to the show…Udo gave the fans what they wanted – 23 Accepts classics from 1980’s “I’m A Rebel” album up to “Russian Roulette” in 1986. The band (which includes Udo’s son Sven on drums), long time bassist Fitty Wienhold, and guitar duo Andrey Smirnov and Kasperi Heikkinen, play the songs spot on. Even the guitar solos respectfully rendered almost note for note, with mild liberties here and there. You can’t complain. With the four guys often together forming a strong frontline center stage, anthems like ‘Fast as a Shark’, ‘Balls to the Wall’, ‘Metal Heart’, ‘Princess of the Dawn’, and ‘London Leatherboys’ instantly brought me back to my childhood bedroom, wearing a patch and pin covered denim jacket, listening to those early albums on vinyl.
Now the known classics are great, but I enjoy even better ‘Restless and Wild’ joined with ‘Son Of A Bitch’, the MTV hit ‘Midnight Mover’, to deeper cuts like commercial catchy ‘Midnight Highway’ ‘Flash Rockin Man’, ‘Winterdreams’, and ‘Screaming for a Love-Bite ‘ which should have been a huge single. The sound and lighting was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. Taking pictures from the photo pit was a breeze, and could hear every note these guys played. The Europeans surely know how to fine tune a show and mix sound for the sharpest production possible. At times it was so clean you’d think they used backing tracks. Many of these classics will surely be missed as the current lineup of Accept only play half of them.

Dirkschneider setlist:
Living for Tonite
Flash Rockin' Man
London Leatherboys
Midnight Mover
Head Over Heels
Neon Nights
Princess of the Dawn
Restless and Wild / Son of a Bitch
Up to the Limit
Wrong Is Right
Midnight Highway
Screaming for a Love-Bite
T.V. War
Losers and Winners
Metal Heart
I'm a Rebel
Fast as a Shark
Balls to the Wall


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