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Date: 7/24/16
Venue: Stage 48, Manhattan, NYC
Report By: Rich Catino


Rescheduled from a show a month earlier at the same venue (sound problems), Stryper returned for the makeup date to continue touring in support of their newest, and one of their strongest, albums “Fallen”. Unless you have living under a rock, or think that Stryper were not heavy metal enough for you because of their hit MTV videos in the 80s, that they were just another “hair band”…then you are very wrong, and ignorant for not giving the rest of their catalogue a chance. Stryper’s newest album “Fallen” shows a band confident in who they are, celebrating their roots, and growth over their existence. “Fallen” is not “To Hell With The Devil”, or “Soldiers Under Command” part 2. It’s a band who knows their style and sound, growth over the years, and applied that to twelve new compositions.

The lineup, still the same… Michael Sweet - Vocals, guitar, Robert Sweet - drums, Oz Fox – Guitar, and Tim Gaines on bass. The message - still the same, praise for Jesus Christ. And that’s all good, that’s there thing, doesn’t make them any less Metal! Go see em live and you will be proven wrong. You ask, does Michael still have the voice – yes sir. His range and tone all in tack. Only thing he doesn’t do, and its understandable, is sing something like ‘Always There For You’ in that high key it was originally recorded. I’m sure if he did, it was just kill him for the rest of the set.

I always try to see Stryper when they are in the Tri-State area. This time around, with two new songs ‘Yahweh’ and ‘King Of Kings’, and “Revelation’ from the previous album “No More Hell to Pay”, Stryper shows their relevant because they make new music that is as good as their past. They are not just a nostalgia band, and demonstrate their talent by creating this new music. Great to see they changed up the setlist (something many more bands who’ve been around for as long as they have should do), bringing back classics like single ‘Always There For You’ and title track to ‘In God We Trust”, to less known goody ‘Co’Mon Rock’ off the debut. And better yet… I got three from one of my favorite albums, and one Michael said live was overlooked – “Against The Law”, ‘Rock The People’, ballad ‘Lady’, and usual staple ‘All For One’. My only complaint, lose the cover songs, maybe play one. Got too many of your own songs I want to hear…like ‘The Writings On The Wall”!!! Maybe next time?

End of this year they will be back on the road celebrating the 30th anniversary of “To Hell With The Devil”.

You Know What to Do
Always There for You
Rock the People
Co'mon Rock
Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
Shout It Out Loud (Kiss cover)
All for One
In God We Trust
No More Hell to Pay
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen cover)
King of Kings
Soldiers Under Command
Calling on You / Free / To Hell With the Devil

Note: Apologizes for the pictures. There was no barricade for photographers, had to shoot amongst the crowd, and use a flash.


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