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Fates Warning

Date: 10/13/15
Venue: Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Report By: Rich Catino


Progressive Metal has never been the most popular genre of heavy metal music, but definitely one of the more respected. And when it comes to names from that branch of the metal tree, Fates are in a strong third place only to Dream Theater and Queensrcyhe, with Rush of course the godfathers and as everyone’s hero. Around since 1984, Fates Warning have since released eleven studio albums, with “Darkness In A Different Light” in 2013, and a new one on the way in 2016.

Still with singer Ray Alder and lone original member Jim Matheos (guitar/songwriter), joined by long-time bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint), drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Riot, Sebastain Bach,Halford), with Michael Abdow on second guitar, the band are out in support of the 3 CD/DVD expanded edition of their 1997 release "A Pleasant Shade of Gray". Tonight’s setlist included nothing earlier than the album “No Exit” (Rays debut recording), where ‘The Ivory Gate of Dreams: IV. Quietus’ is from. ‘One thousand Fire’, ‘Firefly’ from the latest album “Darkness In A Different Light”, is Fates doing their thing; merging heavy rhythmic grooves with smooth melodic passages that connect the two. Ray’s voice compliments these ideals, Fates creating a landscape of almost new age metal music. Playing five parts to the elaborate and layered ‘Pleasant Shade of Gray’ soundscape validates why Fates Warning are regarded as they are. Never known for hit singles, songs though like ‘Pale Fire’, ‘Life In Still Water’ and ‘Point Of View’ (off “Parallels”), do show Fates ability to write to the point songs geared toward rock radio, and (at the time) MTV videos (‘Eye To Eye’,1992).

Still active and relevant after 30 years of music, the band will be celebrating by performing at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016, playing their second album “Awaken the Guardian” in its entirety.

One Thousand Fires
Pale Fire
Part of the Machine
Life in Still Water
A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part III
Into the Black
A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part VIv A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part VII
Another Perfect Day
The Ivory Gate of Dreams: IV. Quietus
A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part IX
A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part XI
The Eleventh Hour
Point of View


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