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Children Of Bodom/ Death Angel/ TYR

Date: 3/29/14
Venue: Irving Plaza, NYC
Report By: Rich Catino

Good to see another package tour across America that includes two European bands. TYR, from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, bring their take on folk/Viking metal that traditionally the subject matter revolves around Viking lore, mythology, and history. Unlike their peers, Korpiklaani, Turisas, Eluveitie, TYR sing with clean vocals, still musically also combine the charging drums and guitars (minus the flutes and strings) but with more of the Gamma Ray type (see ‘Lady Of The Slain’) leads. Including four from the latest album “Valkyrja” shows its strength (it was in my Top Albums list of 2013) and why these guys got a slot on the Bodom tour.

Death Angel have always kept a respectable position mentioned in the same sentence as following in the footsteps of the big names (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, Exodus, Testament) from Thrash Metal. Having released four albums since their reformation in 2004, the latest one “The Dream Calls For Blood” is a culmination of the previous three and the Angel in top form crushing it. Not only does the band exude confidence in performance, but the electrified crowd reaction was just fuel to the fire and validation Death Angel continue to be strong. Tonight’s show, and album openers ‘Left For Dead’ and ‘Son Of The Morning’ are a power packed one-two punch. Original members Mark Osegueda on vocals and guitarist Rob Cavestany (joined by Ted Aguilar on second guitar since 2004) changed nothing about the band’s contribution to the Bay Area Thrash movement from the early 80s, just amped up the aggression for today while still including melody in the guitar and vocals. ‘Mistress Of Pain’ was all they had time for to include from the old days (off “The Ultra-Violence”), with ‘Claws In Deep’ from the last album “Relentless Retribution”, and closer ‘Thrown To The Wolves” from “The Art Of Dying”.

Finland’s Children Of Bodom, maiman Alexi (guitar), Jaska (drums), Henkka (bass), Janne (keys), and Roope (guitar) again return to the US for another successful tour and album, “Halo Of Blood”. First time I saw these youngsters (at the time) was their American debut in 2004 on tour with Iced Earth. Ten years ago I knew they were gonna become one of the few European bands to make regular visits to America. Even on the small Irving stage, Bodom made sure to give the crowd a show and brought several quality lights giving the arena or festival experience. Having played two shows in NY the setlist changed for us on night #2. ‘Needled 24/7’, ‘Kissing The Shadows’, ‘Silent Night Bodom Night’ and ‘Deadnight Warrior’ off the debut, were nice additions amongst new choices. Bodom’s taste for black metal emerges from time to time and can be heard in the title tracks riffing, while melody between guitar leads and keys in the first single/video ‘Transference’ is their other musical ingredient. Semi ballad?...‘Dead Man's Hand on You’ just doesn’t work, for me, too slow and the harsh vocal is just not pleasing in this arrangement, and for variety ‘Cry of the Nihilist’ I’d like to hear instead of ‘Shovel Knockout’ from “Relentless, Reckless Forever”. New Yorkers still crave Bodom’s mix of extreme/thrash/power metal as I dogged many crowd surfers trying to take pictures. Great to see the Fins still got it (and Alexi still does with the ladies),and the people still craving the European sounds.

Note: apologies for the Bodom pics, technical problems with the camera.

COB Setlist:
Needled 24/7
Kissing the Shadows
Halo of Blood
Scream for Silence
In Your Face
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Deadnight Warrior
Dead Man's Hand on You
Are You Dead Yet?
Shovel Knockout
Bodom After Midnight
Everytime I Die
Hate Crew Deathroll

Death Angel Setlist:
Left for Dead
Son of the Morning
Claws in So Deep
Execution - Don't Save Me
The Dream Calls for Blood
Mistress of Pain
The Ultra Violence Intro / Thrown To The Wolves

TYR Setlist:
Hold the Heathen Hammer High
Blood of Heroes
Another Fallen Brother
Mare of My Night
Lady of the Slain
Shadow of the Swastika

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