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Date: 11/13/13
Venue: BB King Blues Club, NYC
Report By: Rich Catino

Yes, Saxon have a new album out, and no, they don’t tour as just a retro band living on the success of their past…actually they never had to do that. Regardless of lack of support in North America, Saxon have been making new music that get’s well received, and including songs in the live set in Europe since the 90s with great albums like “Solid Ball Of Rock”, “Unleash The Beast”, “Metalhead”, Killing Ground”, Lionheart”, “The Inner Sanctum”, to the latest heavy hitting “Sacrifice”. Unfortunately, when Saxon does tour America (which is not often, but much appreciated), we only get a couple new tunes from the latest album, and then all classics from the early 80s. Case in point with tonight. Saxon also allowed fans to pick the setlist for this U.S. tour so many cities got several of the same songs with a few oldies swopped in and out.

Saxon in 2013 consists of original members singer Biff Byford on vocals (1976–present), Paul Quinn (guitars, 1976–present), Nigel Glockler on drums (1981–1987, 1988–1999, 2005–present), with bassist Nibbs Carter (1988-present) and Doug Scarratt on guitar who came on board in 1996. Still full or energy and heavy metal thunder, Saxon have not lost a beat, carrying the flag for the NWOBHM like Iron Maiden to the present. ‘Sacrifice’ from the new album is a great opener and clearly shows Saxon’s till got it. Others from the new album; ‘Made In Belfast’, ‘Guardians Of The Tomb’, and ‘Wheels Of terror’ are all in the vein of their more recent albums “Metalhead” to “Inner Sanctum” (to which sadly we got not a one song from). With his father time long white hair, Biff recalls the year of the album’s release, title track to “Dogs Of War” was a nice surprise for headbangers, as was ‘Rock n Roll Gypsy’ (from one of my favorite albums ”Innocence Is No Excuse”) and thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd alongside anthems ‘Denim and leather’, ‘Motorcycle Man’, ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’, ‘Power and the Glory’, and ‘Princess of the Night’. Hopefully when they return we will get some goodies from those other 1990s and 2000 albums?

Wheels of Terror
Power and the Glory
Heavy Metal Thunder
Made in Belfast
Dogs of War
Motorcycle Man
Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy
Guardians of the Tomb
Dallas 1 PM
747 (Strangers in the Night)
Denim and Leather
Wheels of Steel
Princess of the Night

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