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Kataonia/ Opeth

Date: 5/12/13
Venue: House of Blues, Cleveland, OH
Report By: Connie Payton

Being my first time at the House of Blues in Cleveland, I was quite impressed by the venue. Two levels, each with its own large, clean bathrooms, Katatonia 5/12/13lobby area for merch sales with couches and chairs for taking a break, and no graffiti in sight. They even have waitstaff that walk between the stage and rail to take drink orders from those who are up front and want to keep their spots and have a drink while doing so! A nice change from the usual no-maintenance venues in which metal shows are normally found. Yes, the ticket prices are undoubtedly a bit more, but I would gladly pay a little more to the dumpy venues if they would invest it back into maintaining their buildings.

But enough about the venue, let's get on to the show! Tonight we would see not one, but two excellent bands hailing from Sweden. We arrived early and took a place on the floor one row back from the rail. Finally, one hour later, Katatonia took the stage and put on a really good show, interspersing songs off my favorite - TGCD - with the newer material.

And finally Opeth was on the stage where we enjoyed Mikael Åkerfeldt's stage presence and humor throughout the show. The stage backdrop was really cool - a devilish head that seemed to glow red with the lighting on it. These guys are such amazing musicians that even if it's not one of your favorite songs, it's still a great time to watch what they can do.

Unlike their last tour in the US, this time they mixed up the setlist with older songs, and - most importantly - with heavier songs. As someone in the audience yelled out "Play something brutal!", they did indeed! My only regret was not having enough energy to stand up front all the way to the encore and hear Blackwater Park up close, but it was still a great way to end a great show.

Day and Then the Shade
My Twin
Burn the Remembrance
Soil's Song
The Racing Heart
The Longest Year
Dead Letters

The Devil's Orchard
Ghost of Perdition
White Cluster
Hope Leaves
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover)
Atonement (Extended Jam)
Hessian Peel
Demon of the Fall (Acoustic)
Reverie/Harlequin Forest
Encore: Blackwater Park

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