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Destruction/ Heathen

Date: 5/11/11
Venue: Terminal 5, New York City
Reviewed By: Rich Catino


Heathen are a much better choice than Destroyer 666 to be on tour with Destruction and plus they have a great new album out called "The Evolution Of Chaos", opening their set from it with ‘Dying Season’. Along with other new songs like ‘Controlled By Chaos’ and ‘Arrows Of Agony’ (which the crowd seemed to enjoy), were also a few goodies from the first two albums “Breaking The Silence” and "Victims Of Deception"; ‘Hypnotized’, ‘Death By Hanging’, and ‘Open My Grave’. The band, which features original guitarist Lee Altus (who also is in Exodus), were a tight unit but while a solid singer, David Godfrey is not really a presence when it comes to a thrash frontman. It was definitely a help when Exodus’s Rob Dukes came out and joined the band on ‘Fade Away’. Destruction…the name sais it all. With legendary albums like "Infernal Overkill", "Eternal Devastation", and "Release From Agony", and thrash anthems ‘Curse The Gods’, ‘Mad Butcher’, ‘Invincible Force’, ‘Bestial Invasion’, ‘Release From Agony’, the pit was inevitably going to be like a shark tank. Out supporting their latest release "Day Of Reckoning", naturally a few selections were included like the first two released online, ‘Hate Is My Fuel’ and ‘The Price’. After a few bodies hit the stage, with his German accent Schmier (bass/vocals) let the crowd surfers know anyone who knocked over the mic stand would get his ass kicked. The crowd understood and had a laugh (so did Schmier). With long standing original guitarist Mike Sifringer and newest addition Vaaver on drums, the three piece barreled through the usual classics alongside new ones from the latest album making sure their current music was represented as their past (which is why the band has survived so long).



Dying Season
Control By Chaos
Arrows of Agony
Open the Grave
No Stone Unturned
Fade Away
Death By Hanging

Curse the Gods
Mad Butcher
Thrash Til Death
Death Trap
Hate Is My Fuel
Life Without Sense
Invincible Force
Devil's Advocate
Nailed to the Cross
Eternal Ban
Bestial Invasion
The Price
Release from Agony
Total Desaster

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