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Gamma Ray

Date: 1/28/11
Venue: Gramercy Theater, New York
Reviewed By: Rich Catino


Last time Gamma Ray did some shows in North America was in 2008 when they toured with Helloween. This time around its only for a few dates (with their flight arriving today from the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise)in support of their latest album "To The Metal". The boys performance was nothing short of electric (and Henjo played right through his guitar troubles), and I love me some Gamma Ray, but their setlist needs to change. Outside of the expected new songs 'Empathy' 'Deadlands', 'Mother Angel', and what appears to becoming another anthem, the Manowar/Priest 'Metal Gods' fashioned 'To The Metal' (all of which were well received), the repeat classics 'Gardens Of The Sinner', 'New World Order', and 'Send Me A Sign' need to take a break. 'Rebellion In Dreamland' and Helloween's 'I Want Out' ('Ride The Sky' was not on the setlist and a great treat) I understand should stay, but how about 'Beyond The Blackhole' or 'Valley Of The Kings' from "Somewhere Out In Space"? 'Heavy Metal Universe' was in for a while and 'Armageddon' has returned which is fine, but 'Anywhere In The Galaxy' would also be great to hear. 'Heaven Or Hell' and/or 'Heart Of The Unicorn' from "New World Order" should definitely be added, and how about the title track to "Majestic" or the albums opener 'My Temple' instead of 'Fight'? And let's not forget the first three albums which are usually ignored; 'Heading For Tomorrow', 'Dreamhealer', 'Rich and Famous', 'Last before The Storm', all would be welcomed additions for us American fans. Tonight, 'Man On A Mission' was a solid choice from the landmark album "Land Of The Free" but 'Saviour/'Abyss Of The Void' completely brought down the house so hopefully mainman Kai (Hansen) will take notice and add more gems next time. Another "Skeletons In The Closet Tour" is in order.



Gardens Of The Sinner
New World Order
Mother Angel
Saviour/Abyss Of The Void
To The Metal
Rebellion In Dreamland
Man On A Mission
I Want Out
Send Me A Sign
Ride The Sky

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