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Nevermore/ Warbringer

Date: 10/19/10
Venue: Gramercy Theater, New York
Reviewed by: Rich Catino


If I’m correct, this is Warbringer’s third run of dates in the U.S. to support their 2009 release "Waking Into Nightmares". Lead by John Kevill and his harsh Mille (Kreator) type vocals, the five piece wasted no time hitting the people hard and fast from start to finish. Cut from the 80s cloth of thrash metal, while being traditional, Warbringer’s music is influenced more by the Germans (Kreator, Sodom) than the Bay Area (although, I do hear some of Testament’s first album "The Legacy"), or the arena rock chorus’ of Metallica or Anthrax. Tunes like ‘Severed Reality’ and ‘Jackal’ off the latest album offer no breaks to the neck, and ‘Prey For Death’ crunches along with a hammer to the head in the spirit of Exodus. ‘Total War’, ‘At The Crack Of Doom’, and ‘Combat Shock’ (off the debut "War Without End") apparently have made enough rounds live to warrant an excellent crowd response just with their mention.



After serving as support for a few package tours in the U.S. over the past few years, Nevermore return in 2010 headlining behind their latest artistic statement, "The Obsidian Conspiracy". Usually, the Seattle boy’s setlist is pretty heavy on the faster songs with a couple slower, mid tempo ones for variety. But so far on this tour, though, Nevermore have been out for blood, crushing eardrums from the get go with show opener ‘The Termination Proclamation’ (off "Obsidian"), ‘Narcosynthesis’, freight train ‘I, Voyager’, ‘Moonrise’ (also from the new album), and ‘Your Poison Throne’ which boosts a catchy "rise, rise, rise" chant for the crowd. ‘Born’, and ‘Beyond Within’ maintained the tone with Jim Sheppard’s low end bass lines and those chunky riffs, but unfortunately was the only track to represent "Dreaming Neon Black"???? What, are you guys nuts! And to boot, NOTHING FROM "THE POLITICS OF ECSTASY"????? Unacceptable! Someone must had lost their mind. ‘Emptiness Unobstructed’ and ‘The Heart Collector’ (from "Dead Heart") brought down the energy level, and ‘Taste Revenge’ was an excellent treat from Warrel and Jim’s pre-Nevermore band Sanctuary (who recently became reactivated).

Dane came prepared with his wise ass (and funny) wit, outright insulting the crowd when they tried to do the sing-a-long moments, stating (the obvious) they were not European (and I’ve seen a couple festivals in Europe and believe me, Americans are lame and not as dedicated). Guitarist Jeff Loomis is joined by Attila Voros (who plays in Warrel’s solo band), an equally talented guy who shows his stuff during the solo in ‘The River Dragon’ where he has to harmonize with Jeff.

Great show, lots of energy and tight musicianship, but next time they better play a couple from "Dreaming Neon Black" and "Politics Of Ecstasy" or I may have to start rioting, lol.


Total War
Shoot to Kill
Prey for Death
Severed Reality
At The Crack Of Doom
Living in a Whirlwind
Combat Shock

Termination Proclamation
I Voyager
Beyond Within
Poison Throne
Emptiness Unobstructed
River Dragon
This Godless Endeavor
Heart Collector
Taste Revenge (Sanctuary cover)
Inside Four Walls
Obsidian Conspiracy
Enemies of Reality

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