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Accept/ Kings X

Date: 9/27/10
Venue: BB King Blues Club, New York
Reviewed by: Rich Catino


King's X...never was a fan so I'm not gonna review their show. I will say this given their style; a kind of Beatles-esque influenced proggy, at times, psychedelic hard rock, they are a bore live and not a good fit for Accept's music or their fans. Really, a newer, possibly European band like Edguy, Hammerfall, or Primal Fear would have been perfect for this crowd. Watching King's X is like reading a book before bed, you're already half a sleep before you start to read.

Wanna learn more..."Gretchen Goes To Nebraska" from 1989, 1990's "Faith Love Hope", and "Dogman" from 1994, are considered three of their best.



Accept, 4/5ths of the 80s lineup (minus Udo Dirkschneider) consisting of guitarists Wolf Hoffman and Hermann Frank (from the "Balls To The Walls" album), bassist Peter Baltes, and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann, continue to ride the wave of success since their reformation and the release of the new album, "Blood of The Nations", with Mark Tornillo on vocals. With smiles ear to ear, Wolf, Hermann, and Pete are having a blast again (check out my pics) and exude an energy as if they are back in their early 20s. Mark fits well into Udo's shoes (although he does struggle a bit with certain notes as the show nears the end) and often interacts with the crowd workin them for the hooks and chanting the occasional whooo...ooooo.

‘Starlight' opened the show fast and heavy followed soon after by the equally metallic title track to "Breaker". ‘Bulletproof' (from "Objection Overruled") was the lone track from the albums in the 90s, ‘Midnight Mover', ‘Livin For Tonite', and the title track to "Metal heart" continue to be a crowd (and my) favorites.

Tonight's setlist was a bit different from their New York debut unveiling earlier this year in May as they virtually skipped the classic "Balls To The Walls" album aside from the title track ( I did miss ‘Loser And Winners'), including five from "Restless And Wild", throwing in a few from "Blood Of The Nations"; ‘Beat The Bastards', ‘Teutonic Terror', and ‘Pandemic' were all well received and fit in with the classics.

Accept are clearly back in action and if the crowd has anything to say about it they should be sticking around for a while. There is talk already of starting work on the next album.


King's X:
The Train
What Is This
Power Of Love
Go Tell Somebody
Fall On Me
Over My Head
We Were Born To Be Loved

Living For Tonite
Teutonic Terror
Beat The Bastards
Restless And Wild
Son of A Bitch
Metal Heart
Neon Nights
No Shelter
Flash Rockin' Man
Up To The Limit
Midnight Mover
Fast As A Shark
Princess of The Dawn
Balls To The Wall

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