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Date: 5/10/10
Venue: Irving Plaza, Manhattan, New York
Reviewed by: Rich Catino

Ratt are on the road, playing a few record release parties, in support of their well received, Top 200 Billboard Charting (# 30), new album "Infestation". "Infestation" takes the band back to the days of "Out Of The Cellar" and "Invasion Of Your Privacy", and a winning formula of Ratt n roll riffs downed with a bottle of beer and a shot of Los Angeles Sunset Strip swagger. A sound the band helped create in the early/mid 80s and it’s great to see them back on track!

Tonight’s stop in New York, featured a setlist filled with the expected usual classics like ‘Round and Round’, ‘Wanted Man’, ‘Back For More’, ‘Your In Love’, ‘Way Cool Jr.’, and ‘I Want A Woman’, along with five new songs; ‘Take A Big Bite’, ‘Eat Me Up Alive’, the single/video ‘Best Of Me’, ‘Last Call’, and ‘A Little Too Much’ from "Infestation". The new tunes fit in nicely with the oldies as if time never passed, sounding fresh and vibrant, avoiding the "dated" stigma that comes along unfortunately with being from the 80s.

The band; guitarists Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot), bassist Robbie Crane, and Bobby Blotzer on the drums were a tight unit. Stephen Pearcy, on the other hand, unfortunately hit some rough patches during several songs, singing verses in a lower key with a raspier delivery, struggling to hit many notes. Last year, when I saw the rodents for the 25th anniversary of "Out Of The Cellar" when the album was performed in its entirety, Stephen didn’t have these problems. Maybe he had an off night or didn’t feel well?

Tonight, the DeMartini/Cavazo twin guitar attack delivered on point many great solos and leads with Carlos taking the helm for the main riff to new, soon to be Ratt classic, rockers ‘Eat me Up Alive’ and the single ‘Best Of Me’. Don’t know why but ‘I Want A Woman’ wasn’t working live with those flat backing vocals.

I go waaay back with Ratt’s music and I gotta say they really need to change up their setlist. It’s become a Kiss or Iron Maiden show as we keep getting all the same hits every time. Give ‘Looking For Love’, ‘Never Use Love’ or ‘What You Give Is What You Get’, ‘Don't Bite The Hands That Feeds’, ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’, and ‘Can't Wait On Love’ some stage time.


You're In Love
Lay It Down
Lack of Communication
Take a Big Bite
I Want a Woman
Slip of the Lip
Eat Me Up Alive
Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
Last Call
Back For More
Nobody Rides For Free
Way Cool Jr
Wanted Man
Best of Me
You Think You're Tough
A Little Too Much
Round and Round

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