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Edguy/ Epicurean/ Luna Mortis

Venue: Irving Plaza, Manhattan, New York
Date: 9/9/09
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

It still boggles my mind Edguy are not bigger than they are in the States as they continue to only play to several hundred people in New York. In other parts of the world they are HUGE (just check out their new DVD "Fucking With Fire Live"). Along with Hammerfall and Primal Fear, Edguy should be playing in arenas and are clearly worthy second generation successors to the Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Motley Crue thrones.

How can’t you like these guys!?? You know what though, to an extent I fault hard rock and metal radio in the States because as we all know people (the masses) listen to the radio and what the media tell them is "cool" and "hip". I bet that if major market hard rock DJs (especially on Q104.3 and WDHA’s 105.5 in the NY/NJ area) were playing Hammerfall, Edguy, and Primal Fear years ago in the early 2000s things would be different. As you can tell it is very aggravating to me that radio and MTV just don’t have a clue and American rock consumers continue to listen to the Buckcherrys, Black Label Societys, Dragonforce, and Nickelbacks for their modern hard rock and metal.

Anyway, Edguy return to the States with their brand of traditional heavy metal meets LA hard rock. In reality, if Edguy’s big riffs and even bigger hooks can’t get your attention then you must be deaf (or just snowballed by what other people say).

I brought a friend to tonight’s show and he was only just familiar with Edguy and a casual metal listener. Before the show was even half over he was already out buying every Edguy cd. Hook…line…and sinker.

‘Tears Of The Mandrake’, ‘Ministry Of Saints’ off their latest album “Tinnitus Sanctus”, ‘King Of Fools’, ‘Superheros’, and ‘Lavatory Love Machine’ instantly grab hold of the listener with crunchy metal guitars with a melodic catchy hook.

How can you ask for more! Frontman Tobias Sammet is the David Lee Roth (thanks Mr. Gromen for the observation) of this generation with his wit and sense of humor as he calls his own song ‘Save Me’ a pussy ballad, randomly insults fellow bandmates and their sexuality (referring to them as gay), to even taking a jab at Mr. Lemmy Kilmister as Motorhead were playing in the city as well. It was all done in good fun and hilarious.

Aside from an unnecessarily long drum solo and in my opinion ‘Dead or Rock’ and ‘Speedhoven’ being poor choices to open the show, the night was one ass kicking song after another. Just chock full of energy and a lot of fun.

I look forward to Edguy returning to the stage once again.


Dead or Rock
Tears Of A Mandrake
Lavatory Love Machine
Vain Glory Opera
Ministry Of Saints
The Pride Of Creation
Save Me
King of Fools

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